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  • communicator 8800

Lets face it for y'all that aint got the phone keep hatin for y'all that got it keep shining!!!


  • TLTB

This infact is a good phone, for those who don't like this phone can easily stay away from it. But there are some few bad point to this phone, like using the louder speakers is pretty or infact is crap, make lot of hessing noise and blue tooth connectivity is bad too doesn't connect well with other brand. But on the whole the design and popularity rules.

  • Alex

I try and I try. But as a loyal fan of the 88 series, i still think this phone is hideous!

I don't know what the designers were thinking when they decided on the 80s style, chrome/bling look, but frankly it makes want to cry.

  • s

you people do my head in i want i want wow you spend 30 a month on your contract and want the world threating to leave and been rude does nothing but get peoples backs up so you have even less change of getting the phone get a life

  • communicator 8800

sorry ss housain

it was for PAUL's attention

  • communicator 8800

Attn SS Hossain

Pay attention before laying down the law & recognise the fact that your not paying my bills.

O2 didn't cater for the service which I am used to & your defending them as probably work for them.

This is the reasons why I took it another level;

1.Insurance didn't go through & I was left to have a Nokia 8850 which had no screen or Sound

2.Called o2 the operators didn't even know what day it was or when the order is coming in. even an operator had to take on the duty herself as she advised that I was given WRONG information.

3.Supervisors didn't call me back & I had to escalte the matter to OFCOM.

4. Order on the Delivery was not done & they lied to say mine never went through to dispatch when i chased it up.

5. Delivery address was at home when I asked it to got to work.

I pay my bills & if I didn't they would cut me off but it's ok to just treat a VALUED customer(as what O2 keep saying) left in the lurch I dont think so. People have to take responsibility for their errors & that's it.

  • Lg Hooker

This phone is a complete waste of time and money. It has bugger all features and your only paying for looks. utter crap

  • Moe

Whats wrong with nokia. They have such overpriced fones. They are losing fans like crazy. It is not a joke. Nokia fans are either moving to SE or Samsung. I dont hate Nokia but Nokia can do better. This fones is how much $800. Hahahahaha that is a joke. Hahahahah

  • Paul

In reply to - Communicator 8800 - 2005-07-26 14:12
Thats bang out of order, demand to speak to a supervisor and threatening to leave. Saying you have had conflicting stories from different advisors. I work in for a major network as one of the supervisors that has to 'deal' with people stamping their feet and spitting their dummies until they get what they want! Doesn't sound too far from the play ground does it! Don't you realise that people actually get disciplined and taken to task when people like you complain? You may have cost some one there pay rise or their next promotion, or even worse their job!! Lets keep it in perspective - Its a phone, 15 years ago you wouldn't have worried about it!

The 8800 is a fantastic phone, very popular, most of the availibility issues have been created intentionally by Nokia, similiar to Samsung (the old D500 hype) the shorter the supply, the longer the phone will stay popular. Lets face it is we are honest if everyone could get one, we probably would be looking at the next thing by now!!! Clever people these phone manufacturers!!!

  • Paul

I think that it is nokia's fauly on supply. I know that the people at o2 are, in the most, very helpful and its a shame people cant take what they say at face value. I personaly wouldnt touch this phone as it is too expensive for what!?!? Its stainless steel not silver, the K750i is a far better phone, the 8800 is for people who pose (chavs).

  • michael

in response to ian; i have the nokia 8800 from vodafone and got it directly from them. the handsets vodafone had had to be sent back to nokia and were being fixed there last week. the thing is though, that because it seems like a large number of handsets, nokia are returning them in smaller amounts gradually, rather than all at once. i was one of the first 10 to order with vodafone, kept calling them every day, and that might be why i made sure i got the phone so early.

a friend who also ordered the phone from vodafone (about a week or so ago, so not at the very first opportunity) is still waiting for their handset. if you want one soon, the best thing to do is to try and place a back-order.

  • stu

I have one with Vodafone, I eventually got it on July 23rd and everything is 100%, no problems at all with software.

  • gizi

does anyone know when the australian stores will have any in stock? apparently they're all waiting for network approval but they all say they can order it in which should take about 2 days. y don't any of them have it in store to by sim free now? that way u wouldn't need network approval. any help would be appriciated.

i've also noticed that when negociating price with store owners they say the rrp is $1700 but they don't have a problem with doing it for $1400, y do egar to discount when they haven't even seen it yet.
i played with the dummy phones that some stores have already and the 3 things that have me questioning is the *0# keys been too close on the slider to press easily, fingerprints and the middle button on the directional keys been too small (it's not like i have big hands) can anyone who own one comment on these 3 issues and how they deal with it

well i hope someone can help me with my querries.
PS anyone in aus have an 8800 already?

  • ianfrey

I was told by Phones4U yesterday that Vodafone still hadn't sorted out their software to enable the phone to support the network.

Is this the case, or was the flirty sales assistant just trying to get me to buy it on O2?

  • Dan

Those of you waiting for the phone from o2 online, ive just been told (when i threatened to cancel my contract) that i can pick the phone up from the o2 shops if i want to for the same price. Its nice to know ive been waiting what seems like a lifetime when i could have driven to the shop. Surprise, surprise though, they didnt have any in stock. Expecting a delivery on Thursday. Ive got my sleeping bag and my tent. Im gona be spending the night outside the shop Wednesday night. So join the queue guys!

  • stu

In reply to obviously dont have one! All the positive comments are from owners of the 8800 and the negative (jealous?)comments are from those who dont. I own one and the build quality is very good, it feels/looks SO much better than anything else. Obviously there are phones with better features but the camera/video is still very good and the arguement about steel cutlery is pointless...most phones are cheap and made from plastic.

  • Graham

It's cheap stainless steel, has a poor camera, no upgradable memory, is very heavy and the buttons are not the easiest to press. It also starts looking grubby very quickly due to the material used. I peronally would steer clear, its nothing special and there are other handsets with much better features such as the Samsung D600, Sony K750i and W800. Even the Nokia 6230i is better! At the end of the day, the phone is made from stainless steel, same as the cutlery in your kitchen, so what?!!

  • communicator 8800

For the people who are in London & want the 8800 phone SIM free then your best bet is to go to Egdware Road arabic stores they have thousands there but at a price. you will need to check if it's in English depending on your nationality.

  • communicator 8800

Hello Nadno

When it comes to o2 you have to only speak to supervisors as that shows you mean business. Once you speak to them. You just advise that you have been told so many stories by different operators You want them to Confirm when it comes in & want one sent out right away. State your rights as A valued customer & the service being received is appauling. State that you want to make a complaint & want to be contacted once received or you will cease the service(it works I done it)

  • Stu

I am now also a lucky owner, really is a fantastic phone, much better than reviews/pictures on the internet. Got mine from Vodafone, did take 2 weeks after I ordered it though..much better deals than O2 as well made and unlike ANY other phone including the V3 everyone keeps going on really is an eycatcher, people do notice it and ask questions.