Nokia 8810

Nokia 8810

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  • Robin Nelissen
  • 24 Jul 2001

Does someone sell his 8810, I pay a good price for it! please answer via email!

    • h
    • hasjue
    • 01 Jul 2001

    mun da duit beli hp tok k

      • M
      • 03 Jun 2001

      I love the Nokia 8810 and thats what am running on up to date. The only problem is that the body wares out fast (the metallic coat) the revealing the plastic inside. Secondly, I will be most greatful if you help me renew its appearance by changing the whole cover to a new one and replacing new volume buttons since the ones mine had got lost. I will be most greatfull if you can assit me revive the appearance of my elegant and presentable Nokia 8810.
      Am located in Tanzania.

      Best regards,


        • ?
        • Anonymous
        • 04 May 2001

        I hate my 8810 it's a pain trying to dial a number with it!!!

          • P
          • Person
          • 15 Apr 2001

          it haves games!!!!
          i knew that 8810 have 3 games ,please check again

            • r
            • rajeshkalra
            • 10 Mar 2001

            pl send me more details on the infra red function of 8810

              • D
              • Daniel Belcher
              • 11 Dec 2000

              when does the Nokia 8810 come out?

                • r
                • rolin
                • 09 Oct 2000

                It depends very much on where you live.
                These phone work only in Europe, Asia and South Africa.
                It is kind of hard to find a new 8810, but you can find a second hand.

                  • T
                  • Tim Hammonds
                  • 09 Oct 2000

                  please can you tell me where i can buy one of these phones!!!!