Nokia 8.3 5G

Nokia 8.3 5G

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Anonymous, 19 Mar 2020Very satisfying and premium design which is not for everyon... moreyupe

  • BHK

For everyone who says it's not overpriced, just compare it to Samsung A71 and you will see thr difference. (I'm not even comparing it to Chinese cheap phones!!)

It's too small,,, šŸ˜‚ nokia mad

  • Anonymous

Here North America it's a great value phone with other phones costing twice as much.... Samsung and Apple for example

Sure a Chinese phone is much cheaper... I don't trust a Chinese company to potentially load malware or spyware... In addition with Nokia we get Android One and North American bands

This is a great value phone here in North America...

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2020Biggest flop of 2020Right

  • Nokia is the best!!!

I been using nokia phone ever since before it os HIGH QUALITY DIDNT FAILED ME however its takes too long before they switched android.. Which i bought iphone and samsung phone.. IM EXCITED TO BUY NOKIA ANDROID PHONE soon nokia 8.3 i will be yours..ā¤ā¤ā¤ā¤

$600, yet, no AMOLED, NO OIS!!! I don't understand why do we need such tall screens

  • 0

a very Good phone, sadly this wont sell well due to global crisis, also there are smartphone more cheaper than this with 5G

  • Kaadik

Guys you keep on complaining... Then don't buy it! Nokia is nokia.... It will remain as nokia... If you don't feel it, then buy other china phone. Get oppo that when you took a picture it puts you back 10 years ago! Oppo's camera is full of make ups! You look handsome/pretty with its camera but in reality, you look like a S#$T!šŸ˜‚ There are other options Huawei, vivo, xiaomi realme, readme it's all trash S@#T!! THEY MIGHT OFFER HIGH END chipsets but are you actually proud to use one of these??? ARE THESE PHONES ARE DURABLE LIKE THE KING(NOKIA)? If you will think(in case you have brain), you were once a BIG NOKIA FUNšŸ‘Œ

Nokia missed the marke again with this one

  • Carol

A lot of people here comparing Nokia, abrand that pretty much made all this people here have, with pop up tomatos appeared 4 or 2 years ago to take a slice of cake in smartphone market. Now kids, go buy your 3 euros devices, i am wandering, who ever stopped you???

  • Carol

joe nodden, 19 Mar 2020Alright time to make a list of why this trash isn't worth i... moreLet me make a list as of why you don't matter
1. You have no idea what you're talking about
2. Nokia is not redmi, oneminus dribiditi dop, ximimi and whatever other take the buck and run brands
3. IPS LCDs are actually quite great screens (again, you never test the device yet you talk like you know something while you know again, nothing) and the cpu is enough comparing the prices of Smartphones this days, it is actually cheep, especially that is designed and Supported in Finland
4. Again Comparing garbage with nokia, the more W you force into a battery the faster it goes bye bye. Minding the fact that no one knows the device you're talking about i am pretty sure the only support you'll get for it is the garbage can.
5. Why would anyone in this world need 8k? Gimmik at it's best, does it have Gassoline instead of battery too? Just asking.
Well apparently your device is pretty much chinese, specs insert? check. Turns on? check. that's it, sell it.

  • Chris

Use the phone and see the difference between nokia and Chinese phones

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2020LOL still some people are crying. Go buy different brand o... moreLol. You think ziess optics is much better than OIS? OIS is essential feature whereas Zeiss optics on Nokia phones failed to live upto its expectation. If Zeiss brand themself on Nokia phones anymore then definitely they will lose their brand name in lens business. Samsung doesn't use Zeiss, apple doesn't use Zeiss, yet they produce much better photos than this Nokia nameplate holding company.

2mp macro & 2mp depth lens??? Are you serious hmd? 8.1 was disappointment for what Nokia 8.0 was. Processor degrade, camera degrade. Now with 8.3 no OIS which it's predecessor has. Hmd is just another sheep in a herd.
Punch hole display like all Chinese phones, 64mp camera without ois just like Chinese competitors, depth camera in 2020, bottom chin. 1080p @ Only 30fps whereas competitors giving slo-mo videos capability,

Good change is processor & side mounted fps, 5g for those who want.

The 8gb ram/128Gb storage version of redmi note 9 pro max is $260 dollars. This phone only beats it in processor(the 720G is not far behind) and 5g you can take full capacity of in 2/3 years. By which time you might have even changed phones. This is $600 expense i cant justify. Can't you get an Galaxy s10, 64gb iphone 11, pixel 4 or the black shark 3 for the same price? Dont these guys study the market?

  • Zaferitto

Honestly Ä° liked the new Nokia models today. But Ä° must say that something are missing. Nokia 8.3 looks a beautiful model but the time to place in global markets is very late and price is too much for many people. And its size is too big for my little hands. Who will hold it ..Hulk?

Alright time to make a list of why this trash isn't worth it at all.
- GSMArena currently says it's 600 Euros, which is $640 USD, the same price as the vastly superior Red Magic 5G
- It's got the SLOWWWW Snapdragon 765G (The Red Magic 5G has the 865 which scores almost twice as high as the 765G in antutu)
- It's got a terrible LCD, only 1080p, only 60hz. (The Red Magic 5G has a 1080p, 144hz OLED, oh and no terrible looking holepunch unlike this trash)
- It starts with only 6 gigs of RAM and 64 gigs of storage (The Red Magic 5G starts with 8/128)
- It charges at only 18W (Which is literally 3 times slower than the Red Magic 5G's 55W charging)
- Thanks to it's underpowered 765G it can only shoot at 4k and only 30 fps. (The Red Magic 5G can do 8k (I think 30 fps but can't confirm) or 4k 60 fps)

  • Trailer

bet in 2021 they are going to bankrupt in mobile division.

Worst and cheap design, look! still had nokia logo infront of display, and the back its like the phone comes from 2007, software and the price? Lol no chance! Nokia always got stupid CEO

  • Anonymous

Lmao you can get these specs for 300-400 dollars with a Chinese phone, and for 600 euros you might as well get an Oneplus or s10.

Vassavassa, 19 Mar 2020171.9 mm long! This might be the record for tall ass phones! Well technically the Honor 8X Max is even taller at 177 mm.