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Nokia 8 Sirocco

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Well, the design is perfect. I wasn't in curved screen... But this is somehow okay (negligible). Its Nokia, so you won't have any complaints with its pricing, quality and performance! Not many features, but we can trust on Nokia. This one is a real flagship. Why should we choose s9, coz of it's tall screen? If the s9 has got a sd 845 then it's a deal breaker! I don't know exactly what processors they are using thing time. I would go with Nokia for now. Let's see what Sony brings in, doubtfully they will bring any improvements. They will loose the ground in hands of Nokia, Samsung, Huawei, Apple if they don't come up with a good solution this time. If they move the fingerprint scanner to somewhere else then sony is dead. Seems like No design improvements and innovation this time either.

  • Devil

No OIS, no stereo speakers. Poor Nokia.

> No OIS for front and rear camera.

> No IR port

> No dedicated slot.

HMD is spoiling the name of Nokia.

  • AnonD-673279

140mm and 5.5in screen would be perfect for me, but the lack of a headphone jack is a deal breaker (unless i can find a low profile L shaped adapter) and curved sides look like they would have a ton of glare. Maybe Huawei will make a smaller version of Mate 10 (non pro)...

  • handy beast

wow i really like phone's with small body and a monster specs. unlike nokia 7 plus with huge body its like a tablet to me. but this phone meets my expectations. thanks nokia. you should go for much smaller devices instead of super big brick

  • Anonymous

AnonD-740329, 25 Feb 2018The best phone in MWC 2018, is all premium material, i love... moreHMD global.

Nokia rents the name..

  • Anonymous

Aadrian , 25 Feb 2018Another great phone from Nokia and so much better looking t... moreLG uses cpu from last year , ppl bash.
Htc uses cpu from last year ( u ultra), ppl bash

Huawei uses cpu from last year ( p series uses cpu of previous mate), it is okay
HMD uses old cpu, cool.. Nice job..

Why ppl do this?

  • Anonymous

I'm still waiting for the nokia 1050 with the 50 mp to came after the 1020 wire the 41mp !!

  • Ss

Great looking device, I want it. Want to change my Nokia 8 for this beaty

  • Aadrian

Another great phone from Nokia and so much better looking than Samsung Galaxy S9. Excellent proportions as well. 5,5 inch display in a very compact body.

  • AnonD-740329

Nokia is 5.5 inches, 83.4 cm2
Samsung S9 5.8 inches, 84.8 cm2
version 18:9 is just a trick to say it's expanding the display but in reality not

AnonD-740048, 25 Feb 2018Nope, the S9+ costs $915 ( moreS9+ for Europe Market will be over 900 Euros that is known.and 729 Euros for 8 Sirocco in Europe as well.In Usa it will be cheaper in US $.Be more realistic.

  • AnonD-740329

The best phone in MWC 2018, is all premium material, i love Nokia

AnonD-740048, 25 Feb 2018Here's a complaint. It costs more than the Galaxy S9+ desp... moreHere is the answer, it costs more because it’s made better. Compared to S9 it’s only lacking headphone jack, but it has superior build quality, 5.5’ in a form factor of iPhone 8 and it will run pure Android (same as Nexus devices were).

  • Anonymous

Finally some spec size infos!

Woot 140mm looks perfect, where have you been you Sirocco..? :D

I was 1000% sure they would go with the same shitty nokia7plus road with that big brick size, especially since normal nokia8 was big too..


  • Anonymous

Anyone remember the Nokia 8800 Sirocco and it's pricing ? good!, I think some people are missing the point as they compare processors and note8,s etc. This is an 2018 Nokia 8 Sirocco edition. That means design and premium materials, so take that and the upgrades to the Nokia 8 and it'll be easer to understand the pricing of this.

The SD835 is still great and the SD 845, won't be announced in most "flagships" at MWC, thanks in part to what happened last year, Samsung bought such a substantial amount of the initial crop of processors that companies would have to either release something with a SD835 (still great) or wait till later in the year.

Wouldn't be surprised if Nokia releases one more phone later in the year perhaps with a 9 in the name!

  • AnonD-70078

will just be better than Samsung. better android experience

  • AnonD-740048

Nick Kid, 25 Feb 2018S9+ costs 990 Euros compare to this one 729 Euros,What the... moreNope, the S9+ costs $915 (, 750 euros converts to $930. So the Sirocco actually costs more.

  • AnonD-740048

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2018why you people critisize nokia at every aspects its a 2018 ... moreOnly two phones have ever had any significant problem with bending, that isn't anything to brag about. The P-OLED screen is good, but even the Nokia Lumia 1020 had it, so it's not remotely new for them. The Nokia Lumia 1020 had a significantly better camera as well. The Lumia 1020 was released 5 years ago (2013), so the only point you made that stands is the curved screen, which Samsung did last year in the Galaxy S8 with nearly the exact same specs that costs $300 less(probably dropping this week) and is bigger. There's also the Galaxy S9+ for the same price that is better in every single specification.

AnonD-740048, 25 Feb 2018Here's a complaint. It costs more than the Galaxy S9+ desp... moreS9+ costs 990 Euros compare to this one 729 Euros,What the heck you saying ?
High build quality and regular fast Android updates and unbeatable camera.Here are few of them.