Nokia 8 Sirocco

Nokia 8 Sirocco

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  • Mooc

No jack, old chipset and 750EUR???

  • AnonD-740479

Does it have a notification LED?

  • Mar37

No Camera OIS ? it's 2018 guys !!

  • Etisi07

Why make phone without document editing functionality? This is what sets iPhone and BB apart from others. Third party documents can never be as good as the native application. Thank goodness Samsung has just added this function in their Galaxy 9 and 9+ phones.

  • Jack1331

Pretty boring specs for a 2018 phone. Old cheap specs nothing new.

  • Romo98

AnonD-740329, 25 Feb 2018The best phone in MWC 2018, is all premium material, i love... more agree

  • AnonD-311959

Nokia 8 sirroco omitted 3.5 mm jack.. has it also omitted the OIS both in front and back? Samsung has all 3 cameras with OIS? How Zeiss will compete?

  • AnonD-693657

MazmuREAL, 26 Feb 2018Is it because it's 'Android One' that this phone use the SD... moreSamsung has bought all the initial SD 845 processors that companies are forced to release phones with a SD 835 processor now.

May be we can expect Nokia to come up with a surprise flagship later part of this year (may be a Nokia 9 with SD 845 processor with a penta lens zeiss camera)

  • AnonD-693657

Nokia 9 with SD 845 processor

  • AnonD-631139

It's best model. everything is OK but need slow-motion video recording 1020p@240fps. And WIDTH under 70mm.

  • Anonymous

Seriously?! No OIS this time around? I actually really like the design.. But having no OIS is a deal breaker.. SMH - _-

Is it because it's 'Android One' that this phone use the SD835 instead of SD845??

  • AnonD-631139

Yes... Yes... Yes..!!!!! I think it's best model for Nokia. It will good in International market. BUT NEED slow-motion video recording 1080p,720p@240fps. And booms sound.

  • AnonD-444807

Beautiful phone, like Samsung S7 edge curve design

Also Android One! Heck yeahHHhh!

Great looks, nice specs, excellent build quality and 3 years software support.
NOKIA is back baby~

  • AnonD-728222

Nokia you disspointed me so much. I was expecting an amazing block design and big screen and you gave me 5.5 " with curved edges. No one wants such phone anymore. They are easy to break and already old fashioned. Where is my always on display ? People want to have something new, not just new phone over priced for its specs. I will continue to follow you, but you need to do some changes about flagships.

Well, the design is perfect. I wasn't in curved screen... But this is somehow okay (negligible). Its Nokia, so you won't have any complaints with its pricing, quality and performance! Not many features, but we can trust on Nokia. This one is a real flagship. Why should we choose s9, coz of it's tall screen? If the s9 has got a sd 845 then it's a deal breaker! I don't know exactly what processors they are using thing time. I would go with Nokia for now. Let's see what Sony brings in, doubtfully they will bring any improvements. They will loose the ground in hands of Nokia, Samsung, Huawei, Apple if they don't come up with a good solution this time. If they move the fingerprint scanner to somewhere else then sony is dead. Seems like No design improvements and innovation this time either.

  • Devil

No OIS, no stereo speakers. Poor Nokia.

> No OIS for front and rear camera.

> No IR port

> No dedicated slot.

HMD is spoiling the name of Nokia.