Nokia 8 Sirocco

Nokia 8 Sirocco

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  • Hassan

It shall have built-in FM radio receiver

  • AnonD-236129

Putin a 3.5mm Jack que radio FM and I'll buy it

  • xvi

16:9 screen with slim top and bottom bezels! Great! Very impressed by this phone.

  • Aadrian

Most popular phone by now, no. 1

  • Luke5119

I think it goes without saying this phone won't be available stateside. And from the looks of it, the only LTE bands on board it support for AT&T are 2 and 4, missing 12 and 17, so that means VERY limited LTE connection :/

  • aakib

Nokia , i don't like hybrid sim lots very sad

Since this lacks OIS, does it have some kind of EIS? If not it will surely fail, since this is a high-end phone. You can not explain away this is not a high-end offering. I wonder how good videos will be when moving.

  • Jaz

Looks absolute beauty and good specs . Nokia is back in game

  • Anonymous

First reallly nice Nokia (HMD)

  • AnonD-720333

sportsman, 26 Feb 2018Well, Sony already has the 845,.. Why won't nokia? Really ... moreIt could be that there was no 845s available when they started making the phone caus of the competition that bought up the first batch. It could also be that sirocco was a bit rushed in its final stage. However the phone has been rumoured for a Long time now so it could have been that they wanted it to be launched earlier but they could not.

  • Mikael sirovov

Only black colour what the...

  • Gabriel21

OMG people, just stop with the headphone jack already. It has an audio adapter in the box, you can put it in the USB-C port and use your old 3.5 jack headphones.
Or you can use USB-C headphones directly in the phones port ... Or bluetooth headphones ... This is a luxury phone based on the old Sirocco line, stop comparing with all other phones. You pay for build quality and luxury design... It has pretty awesome specs as well ...
What does the 845 chipset that 835 can't ? It opens the facebook app 0,0000001ms faster ?! Get a life ...

  • AnonD-734805

sportsman, 26 Feb 2018Well, Sony already has the 845,.. Why won't nokia? Really ... moreI think it's because Sony is manufacturer of camera sensors for S9 so they can have Snapdragon 845 before others.

I waited for this phone but at the end I bought a Moto X4 64Gb/4GB RAM and I payed 300 EUR (vat included) and I'm very happy.

This phone looks good but it's very expensive !!!

Moto X4 features at least are so goood and cheaper !!!!

  • Reflector

No buy! I'd go for the Nokia 8. It has the same processor plus a headphone jack which is a must for me and it is available for € 330,-.
The Sirocco might looks a little better and might have a little better performance due to more ram and slightly better optics. But thats to little to compensate for the price difference and the lacking headphone jack.

  • yes

Anonymous, 26 Feb 2018Its Carl Zeiss lens, that has hw ois by default. No need to... moreagreed to many people dont know that
that sad
Carl Zeiss optic already powerfull camera

  • Yannis

What is the weight of this phone? It is no where to be found?

AnonD-720333, 26 Feb 2018Specs don't allways translate good in to reality. The 835 i... moreWell, Sony already has the 845,.. Why won't nokia?
Really like the phone over the Sony disappointment.
And I am a bog Sony fan otherwise...

  • Anonymous

Mar37, 26 Feb 2018No Camera OIS ? it's 2018 guys !! Its Carl Zeiss lens, that has hw ois by default. No need to mention it extra.

  • AnonD-720333

AnonD-728222, 26 Feb 2018Nokia you disspointed me so much. I was expecting an amazin... moreSpecs don't allways translate good in to reality. The 835 is a good CPU and they may release a plus version of the phone when 845 is available. Would be a reasonable thing to do. I bet the camera will be a well constructed and mics will have the best audio capture on the market. The sice is great to. Bigger phones are harder to handle and the only phone that can pull it off is notes cause of the pen. I think it is going to be a great phone even with lack luster specs.