Nokia 9210 Communicator

Nokia 9210 Communicator

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  • Rafael

I've got a Nokia 9210 Communicator since 1st of Dec 2005. Although it doesn't have GPRS and bluetooth I like this phone very much.
I choosed Nokia 9210 Communicator because I don't have enough money for 9300 or 9500.

  • kobie

pls,it's a pity that this very nice phone often render its users bare just after few months due to flex problems.
i think nokia should try and improve on their flex design and positioning so that it will be very durable in the hands of users.flex and other accessories should flood the market as phone can't be useful to me for this same reason.
thank you

  • kelvin

May i know, who can tell me this phone can support the GPRS service, or have other Method can support the GPRS service. Thank to replay.


hello sir
i have a 9210 which format of video song and audio song supported ????
3gp format supported yes or not
which software i download for video song


Hello Sir,
I bought this communcator 9210 this year,but unfortunately i lst it's memory card and cord attached.
Sir, it is possible send another one to please for God sake

  • Bruno

Great phone... I pay something like US$ 200 on mine... In my country (Brazil) its not expensive... here a V300 costs US 300...

  • Ali

I recenly bought 9210 and i must say it is a wonderful phone with all the PDA features plus the softwares avaialable makes this phone a cut above the rest.I am enjoying every moment of it..!

  • Dirk

I bought it about a year ago and must say, I'm pleased with it although the phone did get stuck a few times and it still doesn't want to send faxes.Lots of people say there's firmware updates but I don't seem to get a place to download it.Oh and when trying to connect to a secure web page, like internet banking it gives me a error stating that my security and sertificates is not up to date... any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dirk... South - Africa

  • elliot

It is too heavy and expensive.Thanks.

  • 777

its so high quality phone...high resolution & have so powerfull processor...videos & mp3 & wave& midi & ...
the nokia 9210i phone is a extra perfect mobile phone...i love it!

  • dayo

the phone is very good and i would not mind if u can send me one.2348028592733

  • Sano

please can i get the procedure to activate internet setup

  • howard rosales

justice is good, but it is not always i right?

  • howard rosales

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  • Josh

I have a 9210i.Anybody wants to buy it?I'm selling it for 330 US dollars.I'm in the philippines.or just call my mobile at +639277563274.thanks

  • Abdul Hameed

Hi,i have nokia 9210i its fantastic i really like it and i have downloaded some software its very good if anybody needs any help u can contact me in my email

  • Naicu

Please tell me how cost 3 pieces Nokia 8910i

  • Johnny Gatewood

Hi, I am looking for a new phone and I like this one. I have been a Cingualar customer for over 2 years and I want a better phone like this one. I have the old Cingular system not the new system. I like the new system better. How can I get this phone with my plan?

  • Tran Hung Cuong

i want news software nokia 9210

  • hosam sedky

nice set but its better to be less dimention