Nokia 9210 Communicator

Nokia 9210 Communicator

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  • Tran Hung Cuong

i want news software nokia 9210

  • hosam sedky

nice set but its better to be less dimention

  • nam

Need some help !!!

  • Dungpt

Dear sir,

I am using nokia 9210 but recently a inside conecting two main part cable was broken I can not find this in your website so please help me to solve this problem as soon as possible


  • Hassan Mustafa

Please can you help me if you can i lost my 9210 communicator CD so if you cn please send me if you can mail me

thank you

  • tunde

i love it.

  • bluto

it`s a goddamn piece of shit !!! Crap phone ! Is it a phone, is it a boat, is it a goddamn godzilla ???


9210 it's NO'1

  • bubert


  • dereh

bollox. only joking. you tell me.

  • manolis

hi i am manolis from greece i want bue the nokia 9210 can i bay from you? can i pay with credit cart? can you sent me in greece? and how muth cost me?? please anwer to me soon posible here thanks!!!

  • Jalil Ahmed

try this link.
Any way good phone. I have one. I too am from Lahore. Gulshan Ravi.



hello sir/madam i have nokia communicator 9210 but lost my hand book. can i get it over the net or can u send me by post. i'll be greatful to u for your kind anticipation. EHSAN MAHMOOD 175 - S/2 ARSHAD ST. KAMBOH COLONY SAMANABAD, LAHORE-PAKISTAN. TEL: +92427574764 THANKS

  • bay

For me it wasn't just a mobile PDA, but my assistance. After upgrade and isntall new software that I need, it become more usefull.

  • Jalil Ahmed

The reason Nokia 9210i and 9210 do not have GPRS and Bluetooth according to Nokia is that they are making it available on a cheaper handset Nokia 6310 and 6310i.Why would you need Bluetooth on this handset? the sim card is already in the phone. Also the Nokia 9210 can be updated to the Nokia 9210i for free at all Nokia autorised retailers ONLY. The price for a used 9210/9210i is almost the same about £300-350 depending on condition. Damn good handset I have one,it's worth getting the Nokia 9210i software if you have a 9210 as 9210i supports Java Script, i.e Web animation. Only complaint poor memory.

  • Pradip Agarwal

Good phone but slightly heavy in weight. It can be blanced the feature in it. good good good.

  • Muntrichas Yiannis

How many names can i store (about 4 numbers each) in 9210 std memory and with expd memory

  • Abdullahi

9210 communicator is very's about the best for communication.

  • Alecu

9210 need 4 times upgrade software untill now; have manny problems with the RF antena part inside of it; to manny problems with it ; I dont recomand to anyone to buy it. With that monney you can do a lot of other things. Pe romaneste e o tzeapa mare si un telefon de kkt ...

  • khouan

Dear sir,
just want to know whats the price of nokia 921o.
tks in advance