Nokia 9210 Communicator

Nokia 9210 Communicator

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  • Eric

I agree completely with Sergio (look his opinion from january 10), but want to add 1 more thing: Why can't this wonderful thing show picture messages when all other cheaper Nokias can???
Nokia should (MUST) do something to that!!!

  • Procopis Georgiou

It's the best mobile I am 12 years old ank It's the best mobile for me

  • jack

I want to get one desperately but have heard lots of rumours of software problems, can anyone support this?

  • Sandis

nokia is good phone, but its not unoqe because evrybody have it ists so stupid!

when you hear nokia ringing and your going to lift it up, but athers are doing the same because they have the same melody!!!

talking about nokia 9210 buttns are not easy to use, you need small fingers!

its not superphone like ad says, its just phone!

i wonder how people are wondering nokia, nokia its just a phone, not god!

so many are controled by phone: couldnt turn it evan when sleeping its mental sickness when you can not turn it off in night!

it shows taht people needs something to lean on trust, but its just peace of shit!

for god you can trust, not phone!!!

  • Gabor Tamas

It's sucks that is not possible to change the menu language in other than it was made. Or there is something I don't know about this? I have a Communicator from Deutschland and I don't understand to many things in deutsch, so what can I do?

  • Sergio

The Greatest Phone Ever developed ,nothing beats it ,It is so powerful & reliable.For this phone to be the best bit of technology ever developed I would recommend the following Upgrades from Nokia(Someone should tell Nokia about this Site.Any way these are it
*Needs Vibrating Batter
*Windows CE Compadibility is needed
*Touch Screen as a bonus
*Can't save nos on front of the phone
*Needs GPRS
*Needs GPS
*Keys don't lightup on communicator
*Can't backup specif files
*Can't listen to ringtones on front of the phone
*No loud key tones in communicator
*Needs games on the front of the phone
*Needs Voice dial
*To Little Memory (Needs aleast 32ram)
*Needs camera build in (Same as the 7650)
*Can't view MPG or AVI normally (Need to convert 1st)
*Needs coral draw or any graphic facility
*Maybe a roller mouse between the buttons would be great

But still the best phone ,just thought I'd mention the altimate phone for the future.

  • Mat Busu

Selamat menyambut tahun baru kepada semua pengguna dan peminat Nokia.

  • Jayson

The Best phone ever, I love it. The only thing is the memory ,they are going to bring at nokia 9310 with better memory so be carefull & probably have it with GPRS.But Hey I suggest the 9210 to anyone. It has such powerful software.I recone the next phone will have a 4 gig hardrive so you can load normal programmes on it.But time will only tell.

  • Tempek Enak

Please, send me a free sample.

  • Richard

Actually am very impressed with the new phone, have just upgraded from a 9110. The only problem I have had is with navigating web pages while using the internet. Finding and moving the cursor and getting it to recognize html seems to be a problem, anyone else found this?. The phone is solid and well built, glad I gave back the Ericsson just seemed like a flimsy toy!

  • rediu

e tare telefonu baieti


Nokia 9210 communicator to me is the best so far,and I wish I could have one for use I am now useing nokia 3310.hopping you will send me the forms and the ammount due.

  • Anonymous

a truly nice handset,shame no GPRS. If it had GPRS then this handset would lead the market for the next couple of years.

  • Henrik Hook

Nokia 9210 is better!!!.

  • tm

Vand Nokia 9210 nou incarcator casa masina software cutie manual in Bucuresti pt. doar 800$ discutabil Dati e-mail

  • Mark

It can perfectly works in Kuwait as long as you can get the work permit for it.

  • meghana

Hi i am staying in kuwait i want to know that this mobile will work in kuwait r not
please mail me back.......

  • Mark

Four little letters for Nokia to think about GPRS. I can't believe they have released this handset without it Idiots sack the lot of them

  • eric kia

Fantastic phone! I would have bought it if it comes with GPRS. Surfing the Net is a torture. Also, ringtone is not very loud so in noisy places, you may not be able to hear it.

  • Edgar ATTIOPOU

Dear Sir,

I'm verry interset by your mobile NOKIA 9210 Communicator. I would like to sell it in Togo and Benin where i have my society. Could you please send me the cost of 200 units, and the modality of payment?

Best Regards,

BP 49, Abomey-Calavi, Benin
phone : 229361065/ 229969770