Nokia 9210 Communicator

Nokia 9210 Communicator

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  • East

I would buy this phone as a PDA but i would have to buy another for normal use.9210 is great as a computer, not as a mobile phone.It's to big and it weighs to much for a normal use

  • Anwar Saleem Kamal

Recently bought it, really very impressed

  • Nokia.Connecting peo

Nokia is better in the world and it´s true!!.Nokia 9210 Communicator is all so better,in the world!!!.
Nokia.Connecting for future.

  • mufad

I am useing it since 4 weeks but there are lots of problems it always hangs up.
I think 9110i is much much better.

  • Paul

I've got 5 phones for R8500-00 with a nokia digital camera.

  • Anonymous

Can you download logos and ringtones from the internet for the 9210 Communicator?

  • Anonymous

the best phone nokia ever made!

  • Anonymous

you should put the price fuck face

  • Michael

I think this is the best phone Nokia ever made! I think it would look much better if the phone part also had a colour display!

  • deepu

i wana no the price of this Nokia 9210.
The new Communicator phone plz let me know and who would i get buy this phone

  • AAC

Got mine three weeks ago in Dubai, $800 US with Digital Camera, and I love it. Does everything advertised, with no complications or problems.

  • Tristan

cool and very nice

  • Tristan

cool and very nice

  • Desmond(real one)

To the guy that likes my name and mail and uses them instead of me
I give it 150 marks out of 100.

  • Pascotam

If the Nokia 9210 is targeted at businessmen worldwide, then why not simply making it a tri-band phone??? Neglect the users in North America??
Otherwise, the use of EPOC platform is a great enhancement.
I give it 85 marks out of 100.

  • Fady

I've had the 9210 for 2 weeks now. A reall good upgrade from the 9110i but suffers from a lot of bugs, system crashes, and being slow slow slow. On the other hand a great phone. Price US$925

  • caff

This phone is like a brick !!!! How ugly and heavy !!!

  • José António Almeida

simply fabulous!!!!

  • Ari Kukkonen

In Finland 9210 is priced about 1200 euros.
I Have used now 2 days, and features and the color display is great...
My phone has some bugs, but I will have it changed to new one next week...


what is the price of the 9210???