Nokia Asha 200 review: Dual SIMpatico

Dual SIMpatico

GSMArena team, 3 February 2012.

Two SIM cards in one Asha

Aside from affordability and full QWERTY keyboard dual-SIM support is a main highlight of the Nokia Asha 200. It also features SIM hot-swapping for the second SIM card, which is located on the side of the phone, allowing users to quickly change SIM cards on the go, while keeping their main SIM card in the phone itself. Keep in mind that the external hot-swap SIM slot won't operate unless there's a SIM card in the master slot under the battery. So if you intend on operating the Asha 200 in a single SIM mode, you should use the internal slot only.

To make a call, you need to select which SIM the phone should use. You can set a default SIM, which will always be used for calls. Or you can have the phone prompt you to choose manually every time.

Nokia Asha 200
The dialer

To bring up the SIM management menu, press and hold the * key. Selecting a default SIM for messages works the same way so you can have one SIM for calling and the other for texting. You can also toggle the standby mode - dual SIM, or the inner SIM only. Each SIM can have its own ringtone.

Nokia Asha 200 Nokia Asha 200
Calling on the Nokia Asha 200

The Nokia C2-03 can remember up to 5 SIMs - each SIM can have a name and an icon. This gives you easy at-a-glance info about which SIMs are currently inside the phone, no need to pop open the back and remove the battery just to check that.

We ran our traditional loudspeaker test and the Asha 200 received a good mark. It's not the loudest handset around but won't cause many missed calls either.

Speakerphone testVoice, dBPink noise/ Music, dBRinging phone, dBOveral score
Nokia E7265.7 60.266.3Below Average
Nokia X2-0170.265.571.8Average
Nokia Asha 20071.468.673.4Good
Nokia Asha 30075.166.675.7Good
Nokia X3-02 Touch and Type75.166.675.7Good
Nokia C2-0374.272.475.8Very Good
Nokia Asha 30377.172.378.1Excellent

QWERTY-fied messaging

The Nokia Asha 200 comes with the standard (and quite capable) S40 messaging. It can handle all the common message types including SMS, MMS, as well as flash and audio messages and there's easy email setup, too.

The physical QWERTY keyboard is great added bonus for the heavy texter because it can run circles around regular 3-symbol-a-key keyboards.

The standard Inbox view is available but you also get a Conversations view mode (that's the threaded message feature).

Nokia Asha 200

The editor is well organized and you won't spend too much time finding your way around.

Nokia Asha 200
Composing message

Pushing the left soft key reveals options where you'll find insert symbol and object. Symbols is an easy way to insert smileys or the symbols also available through the QWERTY keyboard.

When composing a message there's a character counter and message part counter available and when you're done you can pick the recipient from the contacts list, the recently used numbers, the call log or contact groups. You can have a favorite contact too (just one).

Nokia Asha 200 Nokia Asha 200
Symbols • Menu

Inserting an image into a message automatically transforms it into a multimedia message.

Nokia Asha 200 Nokia Asha 200
Creating a multimedia message

The Mail app lets you create multiple accounts on multiple networks with just your email address and password. It works with POP3, SMTP, and IMAP4 protocols and supports multiple email accounts. The email client supports SSL.

Nokia Asha 200 Nokia Asha 200
The email app

Emails are received in the background and you can put a Mail widget on the homescreen to keep track of new emails (the widget offers practically no info on the new emails though).

Nokia Asha 200 Nokia Asha 200
Mail options • Viewing email

Composing messages is greatly improved by the physical keyboard. Writing even long messages is pretty easy to do.

Nokia Asha 200 Nokia Asha 200
Composing an email

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