Nokia Asha 200 review: Dual SIMpatico

3 February 2012
Nokia's Asha is back for another round of bargain basement action and we find ourselves wondering how much cheaper it can get. Most of the time it makes sense to be skeptical of the lowest bidder but we've found the Finns' budget lineup to be efficient...

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  • Peoples choice

My windows phone nokia 200 asha is not having any issue, but slight problem occured as i was browsing, for the fact that i am not an I T person i contacted my chief service provider through her i discovered you, so perfect my request,

  • bmk

I hardly hear conversation on my phone,what is the likely causes and proffered solutions

  • dommy

i just got my asha 200 and can connect to the internet. Can someone help me?

  • ahmedabdilahi

connecting people

  • Rahul singh choudhar

My nokia asha is not supportin whatsapp

  • aswin

p, 15 May 2014does nokia asha 200 dual sim supports whts app plz help alw... moreFirst u hav to download whatsapp from another smartphone for ur mobile then send it to ur phone by Bluetooth then update ur phone ... Its in device ..sys update ... It may take some time .. After updating u hav to copy whatsapp to ur phone memory ... That's all to do ... I am using it

  • dan

Why.asha 200 can not collect watsapp pls let all the gsm fine solution to it thah is all

  • p

does nokia asha 200 dual sim supports whts app plz help alwys getting not supported

  • khizar

Can you tell me that how I open youtube on nokia200 mobile. Reply me soon

  • sundar

anu, 13 Aug 2013Anyone can use whatsapp with Nokia asha 200Yes dear..,
im using this phn.., nd i using whts up on this phn very much....
u just do. Some step i.e. Frist u giving whts up file any other mobile like Samsung,micromx,nd Nokia Bt mke shure this file is only jawa mobile also.., then u received this on. Bluetooth nd run ur phn Nokia 200., he display message this app is updated awelable, then update the nd use the whts up..., enjoy...

  • hitler moses

When i call its switch of my phone

  • lachu

can i use watsupp in nokia 200

  • sujata

can i download whatsapp plz rply
Nokia 200

  • nasraf

Raman maurya, 27 Feb 2012Can we install real player in Asha 200 (Nokia) .how can i download flash player?

  • naisar

Waste of money

dose not support any good applicatons while other asha phones are supporting and it hangs very much and also workin very slow

  • Anonymous

Can i download whatsapp

  • dlaw

i can't snap with mcard inserted and also can't receive file via Bluetooth

  • narpatk mali

plz certificat give me & download

  • Anurag

anu, 13 Aug 2013Anyone can use whatsapp with Nokia asha 200I'm Using Whatsapp On My Nokia Asha 200 Properly...

  • fred nlka

pls sir can i coverted tv remove to mobilephone