Nokia Asha 200 review: Dual SIMpatico

3 February 2012
Nokia's Asha is back for another round of bargain basement action and we find ourselves wondering how much cheaper it can get. Most of the time it makes sense to be skeptical of the lowest bidder but we've found the Finns' budget lineup to be efficient...

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  • z

is that even a phone?

  • munny

Not gud for talking echo problem
Other wise it gud

  • blueglue

boring design, even more boring features.
looks like they made this phone with used parts of e-series.
nokia, why dont you just die with honor than live with nonsense phones. you were a legend, keep up that rep.

  • AdamBoy64

Riyaz madappally, 04 Feb 2012Nokia asha 200 is a welcome addition in the dual sim market... moreWell, if Nokia do decide to change S40 (far easier to use than a smartphone in my opinion), they need to be careful about it.

Their featurephones are the backbone of their business. If they fiddle with their featurephones and ruin them, it could be a complete disaster.

  • venuvinod

even in this phone can we mark the messages in inbox and delete ? or is it cumbersome to open and delete each message like in nokia x2 etc...

  • R U Kidding

sa, 04 Feb 2012can it play youtube videos?R U Kidding??????!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pitts

is it have a an equalizer?bass booster and stereo widening?

  • Tommy

If you need to have 2-3 mobiles because the carriers are saturated, like Indonesia, just to make or receive a call, then decent 2 or 3 sim phones are the way to go. There is definely a market for them. In Indonesia I have a cheap phone with 3 SIM cards, 1xCDMA and 2XGSM to ensure carrier to carrier calls to reduce costs, as one can never rely on just any one carrier. Nokia is an excellent product and is one the correct marketing path. As a side issue, the CDMA gives far superior coverage and clarity. Can anyone explain why GSM is popular when CDMA seems to be superior?

  • sa

can it play youtube videos?

  • AnonD-40894

Budget and the messenger with dual simphony embedded with s40 os . . .phones at this price range cant get any better . . .the blue version exudes royalty without looking overly cheap . . .kudos nokia . . .forza asha 200

  • Sammy

I wish you did the battery test for this fella :S

  • pls

This is an great budget device and could a great second phone. I know I will change my secondary phone to this one.

  • Anonymous

A real beauty in blue . . .really cheap and gets d job wholly done . . .forza asha 200

  • Marc Aurel

Riyaz madappally, 04 Feb 2012Nokia asha 200 is a welcome addition in the dual sim market... moreFor about the millionth time: Series 40 is NOT Symbian! Symbian phones have had multitasking since the beginning (more than 10 years). Series 40 has a basic embedded OS called Nokia OS, which is in no way derived from or related to Symbian.

  • Fruitcake

Its amazing how good Nokia are at Budget mobile phones but with Smartphones they are always way behind Apple an Samsung,N8 successor supposed to be the last Symbian smartphone they will create,but Nokia an Mr Elop does not seem to realise that Windows is to restricted so alot of Symbian smartphone users will switch to a Android phone not Windows,because you can nearly do all the same with a Android phone but not with a Windows phone

  • Anonymous

Riyaz madappally, 04 Feb 2012Nokia asha 200 is a welcome addition in the dual sim market... moreNokia bought Norwegian company Smarterphone which makes an OS for cheap smartphones, so Nokia probably will replace S40 with Smarterphone os, go to and look at the screenshots and the videos, this is what the feature phone will look like in the near future.

  • Riyaz madappally

Nokia asha 200 is a welcome addition in the dual sim market where only some products are available. But nokia must need to change their old and poor symbian s 40 OS. That is the only drawback for the basic nokias'. Just look basic samsung phones like s 3770 star duos etc are come with the features like multitasking and document and PDF reader etc..
So Nokia must understood the need of the market and make products...otherwise who need a Ferrari with a 1000 cc enging?????