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  • Anonymous

BrandSpy, 11 Sep 2010I am working in Nokia and I too worked in the manufacturing and ... more* BrandSpy and Franko, you both are completely wrong and BrandSpy, I am pretty sure you are not a Nokia employee. All the C1-02's sets will use the ARM9 processor

There is no such thing as the C1-06 or the C1-07. I think BrandSpy and Franko, you are both one and the same persons and creating false rumors.

BrandSpy if your really a Nokia employee I am sure you call tell us which Nokia manufacturing facilities of Nokia will be manufacturing this model ??

  • Angela

Please anybody tell me whether this phone has the capability to use as a data modem to access internet through computer by connecting Bluetooth or Data Cable. I will go for this model only if it have a built in modem to access gprs... Nokia Su**s................

  • Franko

@ BrandSpy>>>

You are right Mr. BrandSpy. Nokia is planning to launch two basic phone models with S40 6th edition OS, Nokia c1-06 and Nokia C1-07 in the coming April(2011). I'm going to wait until those phones launches. Currently I'm using a Nokia 2330 and its a great phone even without memory card and built in memory. Thanks Nokia for making such a wonderful devices. I used Nokia 1600 for the last 5 years and exchanged it to buy Nokia 2330. Both are great phones from the world leaden in mobile technology and i will surely buy Nokia C1-02 Blue phone and later buy Nokia C1-07 red phone when it launches............ Nokia Rocks.................

  • BrandSpy

I am working in Nokia and I too worked in the manufacturing and designing team of Nokia Core 1-02 handset. This phone features the advanced S40 6th edition (Lite) Operating System specially designed for Nokia C-1 series phones.The processor used in this phone is ARM 9 processor which is found in almost all budget models from Nokia. But friends please don't go for C1-02 Black and Cool Grey models because the processor used on board is ARM 7 processor which is different from the other two colors, Purple and Blue. So in the testing schedule the Cool Grey and Black phones lacks the optimum performance which slow down all the basic operations of this device including Bluetooth. So beware Nokia fans. Please don't go for C1-02 Black and Grey colors, though they are beautiful. Also Nokia is planning to launch the 256 K color display of the same model with advanced features such as Edge (Class B) and with integrated data modem to connect to PC's to access internet on the move. The management has code name this upcoming model as Nokia C1-07 which will hit the market in the second quarter of 2011. So if you are looking for an advanced Nokia with basic features, please don't go for this model and wait until C1-07 will launch.

Hats off Nokia for such a wonderful basic model C1 series rocks...

  • Anonymous

Morons in Nokia are delaying this hand set to 1st quarter 2011 !

  • Balamurugan

Friends, This phone has BlueTooth without Camera. Most of the IT company employee need this phone as camera not allowed inside the office.

Also this is one of my most awaited phone. Because i wanted for Blutooth phone without camera. Blue Tooth i wanted to pair in my car audio system. As someone said in this discussed nokia always delay their release. Yes you're right. Samsung release nice phone this month with good design and has extra feature.

I will still wait to get high end mobile without camera.

  • Anonymous

This phone is not Dual sim and doesnt have a camera. The only advantage of this phone compared to c1-00 is its music player app and better OS. It supports a micro sd making this an below average mp3 player, i am a bit doubtful for its music quality compared to other players

will be getting this phone for its mp3/radio function and no camera as a spare phone since camera phones are not allowed inside my workstation.

  • Rizman

enden, 08 Sep 2010yes i am absolutely right,coz i know the reasons behind the su... moreThats True, nearly all Nokia's low end Models looks like same...and there are reducing the quality to match the price point....and that is where brands like Samsung and Micromax are delivering well for example couple of days back and Micromax have launched Q75 which has all Nokia e series features @ just 4700 (wifi)rs and in upper end Samsung Galaxy, Omnia and Wave are ruling smartphone market.

  • enden

Anonymous, 07 Sep 2010* enden, you are probably right. But the biggest problem with no... moreyes i am absolutely right,coz i know the
reasons behind the success of 3210,3310,8310
so many others nokia model.
here in the phil,times of 3310 almost all
pinoy are looking just one brand thats nokia.
why because in nokia you can almost change everything
casing,backlights plus our service provider here
only support nokia for ringtones and graphics.
but now battle is not just that.
NOKIA seems fighting only with offence but no defense
at all.competing only the price but you sacrifice the quality still nothing you can gain.
for nokia to able to stay on top
you have fight every point,every department.
just what other brand did.
it is just my suggestion about samsung shortcut
system,if it is not patented why not dot it?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]* Rizman, you are probably right. Here at Nokia we actually have listed the Micromax X1i+ as a competitor model to this device. Also suggested to the Nokia product team to add features like dual sim, dual standby, flashlight, theft tracker and a bigger battery. But you know what they just wont listen to people....

  • Anonymous

enden, 07 Sep 2010most people today already have know how regarding phone quality... more* enden, you are probably right. But the biggest problem with nokia is the delay in releasing a new device. Eg: the 1280 was delayed by 8 months. The nokia N8 is coming when most other vendors have released a similar phone more than 6 months ago.

The quality of a Nokia vaires a lot depending on the device. eg : the nokia 2323 was of really poor quality. Also the Nokia 6303i had a really poor camera compared to the Nokia 6303 which it was replacing.

Nokia lost the smartphone marked already by not switching over to Andriod. Now the recent sales analysis show they are loosing the mid segment market.

The only place they are really strong is the ultra low segment below Rs 2500 phones, but I really doubt how long it will stay that way.

  • man

tell me about dual sim how it's work ..
can both sim work same time or not

  • enden

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2010* enden, you may be right but every Nokia device has a budget co... moremost people today already have know how
regarding phone quality.
here in th phil,mostly of pinoy no.1 option
in buying phones is nokia,but others will buy
samsung like me (samsung M-150) instead.
beacause of these reasons
1.speed, S m-150 compare to other nokia in these level is faster.
2.sound quality
3.keypad design,people who use basic phone
most often uses text than call
thats why theyre looking a phone with good keypad. O.S theres a lot of shortcut maybe you already know,people like it
but M-150 price 3900 to 4100 peso
nokia 3500 to 4000

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2010peoples this mobile cost 2k, c101 cost 1800 , this has been offi... morewhere is it officially announced and shouldn't the C1-02 be cheaper than the C1-01 as the C1-02 does not have a camera. The price will be approx Indian Rs 2,400 for the C1-02.

  • Anonymous

peoples this mobile cost 2k, c101 cost 1800 , this has been officially announced..

  • Anonymous

enden, 06 Sep 20101200 india Rs not too much,almost the same to philippine peso, ... more* enden, you may be right but every Nokia device has a budget contraint and its price cannot exceed that. This phone needs to cost below Indian Rs 2,500 (Decided by the product management team). Adding what u would like, would make it around Indian Rs 3,500. Which is pretty high for a phone without a camera and little more than basic functionality.
It would be slightly more expensive than the C1-01 which comes with a VGA camera !

  • enden

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2010* enden, I work for Nokia and have developed software for the C1... more1200 india Rs not too much,almost the same to philippine peso,
so if the price of this phone around 3000peso
plus 1145.67 for the sake of good screen
still OK,theres a lot of millions of pinoy
can afford that price.price range from 4000
to 5000 pesos theres so many pinoy can afford
that,perhaps a lot of people too around the world
i like nokia man.

  • Anonymous

Great Jiet, 05 Sep 2010Look is not good otherwise good cell* Great Jiet, have tested this device with a sample unit from Nokia its actually looks great and has a sturdy build to it.

  • Great Jiet

Look is not good
otherwise good cell

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]* Dhaval.S, will be available in the stores before end of Nov 2010