Nokia C1-02

Nokia C1-02

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  • Anonymous

nokia company.. thank you so much!! u got now my perfect need phone..

  • DNA_Uncut

also include eaac+ format in media play back, torch light, unlimited clear call recording that can be directly stored to MC, 100 pmpo speaker! good quality in-ear earphone!

  • philippines

great phone from nokia,
others wants it a larger screen,and if nokia implement thus things battery life shorten coz larger screen needs more power to drive it,so 65k screen is enough for people who wants longer battery life and thats the point.
+32gb capacity
+great keypad(keypad for texter fanatic in the philippines this is very important 50-70million pilipinos SMS is the main communication,and as the SMS capital of the world)
+longer battery life
+3.5mm audio output for music lover
+no camera(coz this phone is lower end so if u put cam on it the output is bad,if want a good picture then buy a camera)
-no flashlight(if u are always ready like boyscout)
-no A2DP function for bluetooth
-no internal antenna for radio(so u need a earphone to use the radio)

To Nokia's enginers,IT,programmers and etc.
Please add thus features(in CONS)
coz the given feature in CONS are very important to us and to satisfied your valued customers

Thank you and God Bless....

  • Ashish

Thanks to nokia..i was looking for dual sim phone..from many lets it works..but i am going to buy one..

  • Prat

What's the price of this mobile in Kolkata? Plz any1 ans me.

  • Trong Canh Tran

What a very nice phone model! The 3 things that interest me about this model are the keypad, the battery life and the shape. I am going to buy one if there is no problem of sound leakage from the back like recent Nokia models.

  • saleem

thanxs nokia,im searching several months for a mobile witout camera

  • adnan

Bishwa, 09 Jul 2010Dear Subha, This is coming in Q4.

Would you please advise me as to buy this cell phone or not ? personally, I like this.

  • vinu

great phone from great company

  • Micro tech

after long time nokia releases without camra but with card supported.... thanks Nokia

  • maldetah

this is exactly what i am looking for. i just hope that it could be released in our country the soonest possible time as i really need to get one.

  • kishor

it is a excellent mobile. Thanks to nokia.

  • Anonymous

Its a good decent phone please let it come.

  • plotter

Does this phone have a flash light?

  • Michal

no edge, fail!

  • Lenin Dev

Sanjuna, 23 Jul 2010If you don't mind may I call you Lenin. Only to collect tip... moreYou're always welcome Sanju...

  • Sanjuna

[deleted post]If you don't mind may I call you Lenin. Only to collect tips from you in choosing phone models.

  • Sanjuna

[deleted post]Nice work Lenin. I'm an IT professional and camera phones are not allowed inside our firm. So planning to buy a basic phone from Nokia. I read your mentioned features and found that those features are very useful in my day to day life for browsing the internet and cheking mails while roaming. I hope Nokia will look into thses kind of innovative ans useful comments and make changes in this upcoming model (which will surely be a hit) for a reasonable increase in price. All the best to Nokia.

  • Lenin Dev

This comment is exclusively for Nokia R&D Team... It better to put EGSM and class B EDGE(177 kbps) in this phone and the capability to run as a data modem. People can afford if Nokia increase the price of this model a little bit exclusively for the inclusion of these basic features. The rest of the specification is perfect in its range and hats off to Nokia to introduce a model that I was dreaming for last 2 years. Superb built quality and key pad arrangement. Please Please add the above mentioned features Nokia, at least for your die hard technocratic Fans... Once again thanks and regards for the innovation you are putting in the basic phone models... The models exclusively for the masses and professional who were using Nokia smart phones, now looking for a feature perfect back up phone and a camera free device which can be use in the IT industry... Nice work Nokia... Do more with it...


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  • tab

Some little corrections:
taousif alam, phone does not have infrared, but has Blue tooth v2 enabled device.
Fandi, dual sim card phones are c2-00, and c1-00. c1-01, and c1-02 both are single sim phones. So to summarize, this phone is SINGLE SIM phone.