Nokia C1-02

Nokia C1-02

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  • Fandi

I think this is cheap phone for strike back china mobile phone.
So do not expect too much about sophistication at this phone
the phone only good in communication and support dual simcard

  • jeffrey alvarez

why is it no camera? it has all the features of C1-01 with a 32gb. What's the use? I think I'll prefer C1-01

  • taousif alam

hmmm nt so bad but can b say bad also....bcz it contains the capacity of 32gb memory space but having no infrared port or bluetooth device!!and also having no edge this is worstest creation of nokia!!!!

  • Romeo

Hmmmh.. Nice..!!:)

  • i want to ask

i hope this phone is great.. :)

  • Nash

Guyz any idea as to when will this phone be launched in India...i mean the date. Too good for people working in IT sector as it does not have a camera.

  • aleitaly

sorry for my english...i nave an iphone but this phone is better...the autonomy of the apple device is lower and the antenna is i can use this nokia for mobile phone and the iphone for mp3 ;)


i am whaiting for new nokia c1

  • Preets

Will this have group messaging option like the high end phones

  • Bishwa

Dear Subha,
This is coming in Q4.

  • Bishwa

This phone is really suitable for lower income group of people, This is also good for people like me who do not want lot more features in a mobile. Impressive talk time & stand by time.

  • Anonymous

jyothi, 05 Jul 2010dude tell mehh how isss the battery life ??? is it better than ... morewell it says here talk time up 10 hours,you cant just keep on talking with all those 10 can save more battery on this

  • Subha

Any idea of when this phone is coming out in India and also tell abt the price ....
Thanks in advance

  • missmandyy

I realy don't like a basic phone
but this one looks good

( thats... because i have it ^.^)

  • Adnan

zapper, 03 Jul 2010This would be a perfect college phone dudes. For every newcomers... moreDear

Please advice should I go for this phone ? As I really liked it and its features/specifications when I explored it on this site.
Please reply with your expert opinion

  • jyothi

dude tell mehh how isss the battery life ???
is it better than micromaxx x1i?? how many days does the battery wurk? i mean mostly i hav to travel in train for 2days or for 3days in dat tym my sew200i switches off so my parents gets tensed can nyyy one tell meh abt the battery life???

  • FF8

this is what i need, basic mobile phone that has long life battery..i'll definitely buy one..

  • Anonymous

hope this doesnt have voice leakage like the other low end phones

  • zapper

This would be a perfect college phone dudes. For every newcomers, really cheap and the only disadvantage is that it lacks a flash light. If it has it then it would be great.

  • Anonymous

brilliant! i'm waiting for this s**t...