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Nokia C2

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  • hr

1 gig of ram?????why?????....please make it with upper ram...!!!!!!!

Anonymous, 16 Mar 2020Hang on, didn't Google ALREADY ENFORCED that every new Andr... moreSo this phone is not for you, what's the problem?

50 dollar phone.

  • zulqarnain

dear nokia
need to do some thing big at low cast if you wana come back

  • Jab

Why the wait?

  • An

Anonymous, 16 Mar 2020the nokia comedy showWhat's so funny about this phone?

  • Abi

Processor is very old today don't like it

  • Anonymous

the nokia comedy show

  • Iam

1 GB of RAM.

I repeat

1 GB of RAM

  • Dishonored

These thing should be 20$ not more

  • LolPhone

Begineer's phone. Chipset is probably going to be very sloppy, though.

  • Anonymous

Hang on, didn't Google ALREADY ENFORCED that every new Android phone MUST BE CERTIFIED & LAUNCHED with Android 10 after Jan 31 this year?? Why is Nokia certifying & launching C2 with Android 9.0 Pie??

Nokia will get "wh**ped in the *** " by Google soon..

Report Card = E
microUSB in 2020 = FAIL
No gyroscope, auto-brightness, compass sensors in 2020 = E**C FAIL
Android 9.0 Pie after Jan 31 2020 = FAIL
28nm CPU in 2020 = FAIL

50 Euro?

  • Anonymous

Big phone = bigger screen + thin bezels.
Big phone = smaller screen + thick bezels.

Why no smaller screen with thin bezels for a smaller phone? Why?!
The Galaxy S10e is maybe the only phone around that isn’t a thin brick.

  • Anonymous

Nokia C2 Pro specs leaked

3100 mAh battery
Dual main camera 13MP+2MP
Selfie camera 5MP
3.5mm audio jack
Standard charging
Dewdrop display
USB-C Cable USB On the Go
Price: $88.23