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aman, 01 Oct 2010i am using this phone from last 1 week and his performance is go... moreyes it haves push mails


Anil Manne, 01 Oct 2010I bought this phone a week back. In this I observed though the W... morehi, just try on offline mode to conect the wifi.............. Or in setting just keep ask always and try.......


akash, 30 Sep 2010samsug corby is better corby is very problamatic.... And the service center dont entertain.....


gaushar, 01 Oct 2010yes a 2 gb card is included....but i m confused whether to buy a... moreHi friend, memory card and data cable is not there with C3


memory card is not there in this handset

  • gaushar

rai, 01 Oct 2010ya there is a 2gb card yes a 2 gb card is included....but i m confused whether to buy a nokia c3 or anokia c5....please reply fast.....

  • rai

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2010hi... can anyone tell me whether with this phone we r getting me... moreya there is a 2gb card

  • Anonymous

loser! cant u see it written there.. 2GB included?

  • VIshal

Does this phone support Live Video Streaming from Internet if yes its worth buying or better go E72 its costly but HSDPA enabled and its worth paying for and HSDPA handset.

  • Anil Manne

I bought this phone a week back. In this I observed though the WiFi is connected, phone is also connecting the Mobile ofice that is GPRS to work with the internet, chating and etc.
Earlier I've used HTC in that if WiFi is connected, phone will not go for GPRS on initiating the internet.

Can any one have solution toavoid it?

  • Harikesh

Just Bought Yesterday!! Its a cool phone and in just 6500 bucks.GRT DEAL!!

  • FYSL

Ali khan...same here im also using my old 1 gb card..but overhere on this website it said 2 gb would be included so i was wondering am i the only one who didnt get it?
Another c3 includes some wierd arabic n pushto type tones too...what about u?

  • carlo

nD, 30 Sep 2010first of all you have to install youtube video application than ... morehi what specific youtube application, i ve been looking for it for a week, i cant see the right application

  • aman

i am using this phone from last 1 week and his performance is good and i had bought this phone from airtel outlet 5c/91 nit faridabad and i want to know push mail feature this phone have or not????

  • amaan

i bought this phone from sanchi infotel nit 5 faridabad at very good price and seriosly this phone is better but i am facing keypad noice problem so any budy now why this is coming??

  • darpan patel

awsome i like this phone from nokia

  • akash

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2010can anybody tell.... 1. 5233 with 3.2inch ts, rs.6300... moresamsug corby is better

  • Munna Bhai ...

Hey I am currently using Nokia X-2 and I am quiet satisfied with this cell. But I intend to buy C3. I know all the differences, but just want to know 1 thing. In X-2 whenever I receive a sms that is bigger than 1 sms(160 letters), it usually takes sometime in UPDATING the message. I hate this option in nokia's low range phone. I just want to ask that is this thing in C-3 also ????

Plz guys ..... the users of C-3 ..... help me out by answering this question as soon as possible ....

Thanks alot ...

  • Shahab


1. Smart design
2. Brillian display
3. Wi-fi & Qwerty keyboard
4. Wonderful internet experience
5. Handy social networking & connectivity tools like Facebook & Messengers.
6. Multiple E-mail accounts configurations
7. Above all "Good Value for Money"

1. 2 MP camera
2. No support for office documents like PDF & Excel
3. Above all "No 3G"

  • zz

how to mark multiple sms or contacts in c3 please tell me