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  • Nokia_Boi

Battery and Charging: The battery assigned for this phone is a BL-5J 3.7V which can last on an average of 2 days utilizing wi-fi, social networking, text messaging, music, and etc. The charging time takes such a very long time before its completed. I can say roughly around 2-3 hours which for some can be annoying. C3 owners, I do hear you in terms of the charging time.The AC adapter might be the culprit, it is not a fast charger. You might want to shell out some cash if you want a fast charger, just an honest suggestion if you may.

Nokia Messaging: This rocks, because you can fully integrate IM, Social Networking like Facebook and Twitter even Major Emailing System like GMail, YahooMail and of course OVIMail. It works perfectly fine thru EDGE or WI-Fi access.I need to be honest, I love how easy the way it was designed. And the good thing about it, my mobile carrier provides us FREE Facebook access with no limits. Thank You SunCellular!

Wi-Fi Access: I can simply say one word. REMARKABLE!
Fast connection and stable wi-fi signal brings the C3 to life and makes it more easier now to connect to the world. I love it! The only not-so-good-thing about it, to all youtube lovers out there, video streaming is not supported by the phone. = ( sad.

  • Nokia_Boi

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Physical: The phone has a very sleek and exceptional rounded design.Not really your typical boxy phone with sharp edges. It has a little similarity with the Blackberry but it simply ends there. The Screen has 2.4 inches display which is very standard to some of Nokia Qwerty phones. It comes with 256K colors which is acceptable enough for me. I happened to own a Slate Grey Version which for me has the best glossy paint jobamongst the pink and white unit. The lid for you to access and connect your USB is stable in just a simple twist and turn, the same thing for the SD slot.

Navi keys and Keypads: I admit that this is my first ever QWERTY phone. And to be honest, I enjoyed texting using the phone with great ease and comfort. The D-Pad is stable but creates a very tolerable but a little annoying sound when you press it. The keypad for text messaging is a heavenly feeling. I now often use my C3 compared to my E52 for texting. It has a designated (SYM) button located on the messaging keypad which can be used to create Smiley's and other characters.Overall, Messaging using the C3 is exceptional.

  • JR101

aaa, 07 Aug 2010Is the wi-fi fast? How is the quality of the music?? When t... morethe wi-fi its ok but the music quality its not that good and the headphones feels cheap...the keyboard its really confortable and yes you can access to a facebook account

  • biopool

Prakhar, 07 Aug 2010Plzzz tell me that is .jar files are working or not?? It's impyes it does.

  • JC

louie, 07 Aug 2010yes sa munoz near lang duon, if you want you can call me at... moreThank you! (:

  • vinutha

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2010worst mbile i have never seen such like u can say its worst mobile have u used it.

  • vinutha

its not an symbian phone for storing unlimited phone book entries. its s40 only 1000 contacts. and u have mentioned photo call but 3g u mentioned as no

  • louie

yes its available

  • louie

.jar file working, here some .jar file that Ive installed, fring not compatible but you can log in, it doesn't fit to the screen. nimbuzz working great, skype lite, you can install but mine cannot, i don't know why, try different skype for s40 like me its working, but no voice call using wifi only chat, sucks big time, nth themes from various s40 phones, working great, please free to ask questions thanks gsm arena

  • balu

its a good mbile.go and purchase it enjoy all

  • Anonymous

worst mbile i have never seen such like this.

  • louie

yes sa munoz near lang duon, if you want you can call me at my landlyn 3614875, so that instruct kita, very near lang sa munoz crossing,,,, about the jar file,, all working,, fring not compatible, nimbuzz skype for s40 phone is working, and some nth themes from 5130 phone or s40 nth themes are working also, ive been using this fone for 2 days straight in a row. camera is standard, music sounds good and loud, qwerty youll get use to it. ive installed some nth from s40 themes. feel free to ask thanks gsmarena

  • Prakhar

louie, 07 Aug 2010got this phone... nth theme working, ive tried using 5130 n... morePlzzz tell me that is .jar files are working or not??
It's imp

  • jc

louie, 07 Aug 2010you can buy in in monuz for 6,800 peso, at kimstore , d ako... moresan ang monuz? do you mean munoz? i really wanted to buy this HP at a ver low price..

  • aaa

louie, 07 Aug 2010got this phone... nth theme working, ive tried using 5130 n... moreIs the wi-fi fast? How is the quality of the music?? When the phone rings, is the sound loud?? Is the qwerty pad comfortable in using?? and i am guessing that the cam is not soo good. Do applications work on facebook frm this phone?? If not then is there any software i can download in my phone that will make thm work??... please answer these things for me...

  • louie

you can buy in in monuz for 6,800 peso, at kimstore , d ako nakaabot sa promo only 6.200 plus 4 gb micro,, sayang heheheh ,that was on july 31,2010

  • louie

got this phone... nth theme working, ive tried using 5130 nth theme, its working , u can used for awhile... better wait for the official themes for this phones, over all its ok, except the charger its only ac-3 thats why its slow better buy the quick charger or the higher version, but everything is ok. feel free to ask questions. thanks gsmarena

  • aftab

is c3 comes with dual simcard option?..guyz plz txt ur feedbck

  • aaa

Do facebook games or applications work on this? like texas holdem poker, mafia wars,etc...or do i have to download something then it will work(if i have to download something in order for apps to work,plz tell the name of the saftware)??

  • ano

so-confused, 05 Aug 2010 I have this phone for five days now....and it works well f... moreIf the battery power is empty, charging time for the battery takes about 3 hrs and 51 minutes and 3 seconds. This is the specific time value of charging.To optimized the battery life, discharge the battery till empty and charge it in full bar. Do this three times for better battery life. This is an advice for all mobile users.