Nokia C3 (2010)

Nokia C3 (2010)

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  • Robba

Nokias are Made in Finland,Hungary. The C3 IS made in China..2G? and no LED flash..5K in Kenya,deal tooo good. Get the symbian E71 n enjoy WLAN..

  • Astro

Instead of buying C3 you can buy motorola EX115 it is also a querty phone with dual sim,3.2 cam & with a price tag of rs 4800.

  • Anonymous

c3 is available in nokia pd' 7000/rs in mumbai....very expensive

  • Ali Khan

finally i bot it yesterday in pakistan at 12500 PKR.....
i thing i must say it got killer gsmarena pics it doznt look dat gud bt when ul hv it in ur hand ul fall in luv wid it atleast i did;)
i never used a qwerty cell b4 bt still its keypad is perfct 4 me even though i got big thumbs
regarding the software i wud say dat it hav the most user friendly modification of S40.obviously it wont support multitasking n dats wot v xpect from S40.
conversation msgng feature is perfct
while calling n on loudspeaker the sound is loud n clear enuf n even in case of ringing.
now when i switched it on 4 da first time it get switched off twice within 10 mins...but i alwaz blv dat u shud give some space to everything to get uzed 2 the new environmnt;):P i followed dis n den wen is switched it on its working perfctly.its been almst 24 hors now bt i hvnt restarted
regarding WLAN i cant say anything coz i still havnt uzd it
it tuks me a few minutes to find where the call logs r n just to help u its in contacts;)
camera is not dat gud its just average
in msg inbox it doznt have the option of marking multiple msgz to delete or its just bcoz of conversational type of msgng.u can delete 100z of msgz from a person just by deleting dat converstion
bt while creating msg it doz hav the option of copy n paste
battery is pretty pretty gud
im more dan satisfied with my investment on dis

question n queries abt c3 r welcome;)

  • Subu

Hello C3 user

Can we download google maps,
save office documents & view them,

  • unknown

DETBUL, 29 Sep 2010any C3 users pls help.... i cannot connect my C3 to any WL... moreyou have to use that wifi network on c3 which is not password protected. Inshallah it will work

  • Njuguna

Kenyans dnt get conned! At 10k wd no 3G is sh^t sorry 2 say,the only gd thing abt it is WIFI bt hw many wifi hotspots do u knw in nairobi??i completely agree wd keneso n sonko,if u really want a gd qwerty fone get a symbian nokia E71 at 12k...this is crap,mediocre fone

  • C3 fan

Just got my hands on a Nokia C3 today - I'm giving it away as a present to my sister. I've explored every nook and cranny of this phone. Is it a good mid-range phone? Yes. Is it worth the price now? Not really. I don't like the fact that it doesn't have 3G and it also doesn't have a flash (for chrissake, every phone with a 2.0 MP camera should have a flash). On the good side, it does have a nice, wide screen - nice resolution for videos. If you have a monthly data plan and you like social networks, this phone's for you. The home screen has quick links to Facebook, Twitter, etc. Bottomline: If you want something cheaper than a Nokia E63 with Wi-Fi, a QWERTY keypad and a wide screen, the C3 is the cheapest in its line. Not really for business-oriented users, but it's a breath of a fresh air compared to all the recent dissapointments that Nokia has released so far. Cheers!


any C3 users pls help....
i cannot connect my C3 to any WLAN..
it can detect WLAN networks but when I enter the security code it says invalid security code..
i know the code i wrote is correct..i tried it in many WLAN spots..but same errors..
pls help..pls

  • ejaz

is there any difference between nokia c3 made in china and made in hungry ?

  • anas

guys i have bought nokia c3 and within only 24 hours it has restarted 5 times .. what should i do ??

  • keneso

surely nokia has just decided to downloaded an outdated phone to unsuspecting kenyans via safaricom since its not 3g enabled at least make it 3k?

  • semla

i like it.i realy like it and i sereously need it.pleas pleas woever is concerned, i need to know when it will be sold at 5000 sereously waiting for this big day in my lifee when i will oparate it with my own hands.please give the date of when that will hapen and i will apreciate.thanx to Nokia.

  • David muyoma

A very good phone.we had agreat offer in nairobi n i can not put it down.its processing speed is unmarched

  • Anonymous

Where is 3G though its nice

  • flanagan

the nokia c3 will b available to purcase in ireland in the middle of october

  • Anonymous

Nyce 4ne bt no 3G

  • chelimo

Be bringing the products in large number and promotion/offer should be there just exactly on 30th day of the month when all teachers are loaded.

  • Anonymous

Are there enough stocks at safaricom? the end of the month is here and we should expect a rush for the c3...

  • Anonymous

disadvantages of c3....
s40 is outdated.
only 256k colour.
no dedicated music keys.
camera quality is too poor,no flash.
....only plus is wi-fi.
does it deserve the price rs.6700 in india ? nokia people pl.reply.....