Nokia C3 (2010)

Nokia C3 (2010)

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  • C3 fan

Just got my hands on a Nokia C3 today - I'm giving it away as a present to my sister. I've explored every nook and cranny of this phone. Is it a good mid-range phone? Yes. Is it worth the price now? Not really. I don't like the fact that it doesn't have 3G and it also doesn't have a flash (for chrissake, every phone with a 2.0 MP camera should have a flash). On the good side, it does have a nice, wide screen - nice resolution for videos. If you have a monthly data plan and you like social networks, this phone's for you. The home screen has quick links to Facebook, Twitter, etc. Bottomline: If you want something cheaper than a Nokia E63 with Wi-Fi, a QWERTY keypad and a wide screen, the C3 is the cheapest in its line. Not really for business-oriented users, but it's a breath of a fresh air compared to all the recent dissapointments that Nokia has released so far. Cheers!


any C3 users pls help....
i cannot connect my C3 to any WLAN..
it can detect WLAN networks but when I enter the security code it says invalid security code..
i know the code i wrote is correct..i tried it in many WLAN spots..but same errors..
pls help..pls

  • ejaz

is there any difference between nokia c3 made in china and made in hungry ?

  • anas

guys i have bought nokia c3 and within only 24 hours it has restarted 5 times .. what should i do ??

  • keneso

surely nokia has just decided to downloaded an outdated phone to unsuspecting kenyans via safaricom since its not 3g enabled at least make it 3k?

  • semla

i like it.i realy like it and i sereously need it.pleas pleas woever is concerned, i need to know when it will be sold at 5000 sereously waiting for this big day in my lifee when i will oparate it with my own hands.please give the date of when that will hapen and i will apreciate.thanx to Nokia.

  • David muyoma

A very good phone.we had agreat offer in nairobi n i can not put it down.its processing speed is unmarched

  • Anonymous

Where is 3G though its nice

  • flanagan

the nokia c3 will b available to purcase in ireland in the middle of october

  • Anonymous

Nyce 4ne bt no 3G

  • chelimo

Be bringing the products in large number and promotion/offer should be there just exactly on 30th day of the month when all teachers are loaded.

  • Anonymous

Are there enough stocks at safaricom? the end of the month is here and we should expect a rush for the c3...

  • Anonymous

disadvantages of c3....
s40 is outdated.
only 256k colour.
no dedicated music keys.
camera quality is too poor,no flash.
....only plus is wi-fi.
does it deserve the price rs.6700 in india ? nokia people pl.reply.....

  • davie

vdjnesh, 29 Sep 2010am asking about the Nokia E6316k

  • vdjnesh

davie, 29 Sep 2010Ksh. 5000 but i dunno when the offer s asking about the Nokia E63

  • davie

[deleted post]Ksh. 5000 but i dunno when the offer s ending.

  • davie

When is the Safcom offer ending????

  • manchez

I doesnt have 3g, that means it is not good in browsing. doesnt have flash. has a 256K colour screen. In general this is a bad phone

  • Anonymous

Charles, 29 Sep 2010Since its a 2G phone, what more do 3G phones have over 2G p... moreHi Charles, this is S40 device which is outdated. Why not wait a bit longer, safcom will be lowering the E-series smartphones like E63 which runs S60v3

  • Renee

breezy, 29 Sep 2010you sure its 5k??? i can see its 10k in kenyaSafaricom t's going for 5k