Nokia C5

Nokia C5

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  • AnonD-729044

Does anybody know where can i buy original nokia c5 battery

  • AnonD-696852

I have that phone

  • AnonD-696852

I hae that phone

  • AnonD-696271

any advise for other type that same quality with this phone, for network. because this type is discontinue. i only need for voice, but support 3G/HSPA

  • Anonymous

pls how can i on the flash light?

  • DC

where can I find this phone in Nepal?

  • T mama

kindly reintroduce c5 to nigeria market. People are inlove with it.

  • AnonD-500786

There is a solution for that, U find it by google

  • Anonymous

why wönt i be able to use whatsap in this phone after 31 june 17

  • nokia c5

i have problem with nokia c5 its phone start up failed contact retailer? please help??



how to transfer contact detail from c5 to other smart android phone.

  • AnonD-665738

Does the phone have data, like data from the phone company. Not internet at home?

  • abhijeet more

I love my nokia c5 very much

  • Bishon P. D.

How will I watch T. V. in this device?

  • ad

does it have an optionof conversations?

  • Raees

I dont get intenet i change the setting.pls give solution

  • JamesBlond

NOKIA C5 a perfect Job-mobil. I have worned out 2 af them - but where can I Buy a new one as the Camera lins is destroyed.

  • Anonymous

I need to unlock the Network to be able to use any simcard.

  • Anonymous

Where to get Nokia C5-00 motherboard(pcb), plz inform me.
it was got damaged due to removal of battery without switching off mobile .
How to get repair it. Plz suggest.
Advanced thanks

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Dec 2016Whatapp support hear and speak