Nokia C5

Nokia C5

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  • Anonymous

people put more attention on what a phone looks like then what it can really do !!! so now 200$ for a smart phone it s grait if you pay more you get more feature
symbina offers good support for skype live messenger
and besides if you never use the tv out or the gps on any otrher devices this is perfect small versatile symbian open source os with multitask ... the only thing it dose not have wi fi thats it s main problem but they made a afordable smartphone

  • Benjamin

I mean it will be cost 130 euro but this phone is really ugly

  • Shinigami

He has a wrong style of 8800.....

Wait about the battery life.... but a complete phone

  • Anonymous

i think it will be 1500ksh.omg!!!

  • Pish

Ugly phone. I particularly hate that Nokia 1100 keypad!

  • Anonymous

OMG... Nokia 3310 looks better than this!

  • Anonymous

i think this will be 50 euro

  • bryanna

no comment

  • Mihailius

I like the way it looks. The buttons are large enough for people with big fingers.

  • Cambodia

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2010i feel like we are back to 2004yeah buddy, i agee. we're going back to 2004 with this too cute phone.

  • knok


  • 6220 classic

it looks like a cheap phone for china

  • Dennis

Nokia you could have done better with the design considering it's your first C-series. I would not want to be seen with something that looks this cheap

  • Anonymous

Nice Hardware , Nice Software but keypad look ugly.... still waiting candybar QWERTY Symbian Smartphone with large screen like E61. c'mon Nokia you can do it.

  • Anonymous

i feel like we are back to 2004

  • Anonymous

keypad appears to be ultra cheap material or at least the color scheme chosen suggests that it is. screen resolution appears to be decent. it's just that the keypad spoils the whole look....

new OS seems promising.. they should look towards Android.

  • Rocky

nice phone i will buy it

  • Amin

Very Awful Design... Very Boring without any innovation... Completely disappointing

  • waqas

cheep loking mobile from nokia

  • aster0id

copy of SE C510, only the design is degraded