Nokia C5

Nokia C5

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  • Anonymous

i feel like we are back to 2004

  • Anonymous

keypad appears to be ultra cheap material or at least the color scheme chosen suggests that it is. screen resolution appears to be decent. it's just that the keypad spoils the whole look....

new OS seems promising.. they should look towards Android.

  • Rocky

nice phone i will buy it

  • Amin

Very Awful Design... Very Boring without any innovation... Completely disappointing

  • waqas

cheep loking mobile from nokia

  • aster0id

copy of SE C510, only the design is degraded

  • Michael

Very nice phone. When it will be release ?
I will probably buy one of this.

  • oliver

I'm so disappointed about this c5..

  • Zobi

Is not so bad after all but I would prefer with 5MP camera


waste waste no no new new

this is very bad nokia

this is tooomuch nokia


very bad desing
very bad video qvalidy


plzz tell any one
this is dual sim mobile?

  • ced

very nice phone nokia! i love it! sure it will be a hit if it has music play hours. it also has 3g. very good.

  • uchi

oh so its official..

  • Phil

finally, a phone with a "keypad" that is usable

  • xtian

the keypad is too big....

my god..

  • Nepal

Upcoming c3 has qwerty keypad it is look like 1650 series packed with s60

  • just i

I try to like this, but I am fail to like this. I donot like this and donot hate it. Just another Nokia.

  • Ammar Haider

I like it

  • R@KB

The nokia esires famly....