Nokia C5

Nokia C5

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  • Bill

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2010OMG... Nokia 3310 looks better than this! No it doesn't. For a start it doesn't have 16 million colours, gps/bluetooth or a dedicated 3.2mp snapper.

  • Anonymous

6220 classic, 05 Feb 2010it looks like a cheap phone for chinanokia make the most solid phones now they are very slim and instead of java s40 its symbian and java 2.1 flash player heck this phone can do more then you think
what phone do you have maybe you should have a 5310 and see what s40 vs symbina is to us real smartphone users .

  • Anonymous

Dennis, 05 Feb 2010Nokia you could have done better with the design considerin... moreboy some rich people or people with more money dont know half a geak squad about using computers so using smartphones is secoundary they just want to look good

but some rich people want full pc support on a FULL SMARTPHONE ON THE GO and some people have money to buy a dvd player a gps they might have a ipod touch so this phone is perfect mini pda for applicvations music flash support internet radio ....

so you if you dont have a n97 5800 n900 or n86 and if you dont like this phone cuz it looks cheep well go see what nokia reputation is out there SOLID and lots of features maybe you need to start using tv out and free gps and fm transmitter from a n97 and see how many people with java s40 phones are missing on the best os ever symbian os then from the small model to the bigger there apps are the same like symtorrent

  • alex

i love symbian finally s40 is over

  • Anonymous

6220 classic, 05 Feb 2010it looks like a cheap phone for chinai'm not from china but ur comment is not ok!
the chinese aren't porer than other nationalities...and undeserving of such comments :(

  • reowel abao jr.

its good hp..but pls.create not same look like 1100...rating this nokia c5 down by 50% for me..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2010i think this will be 50 eurocan't be 50euro .... but it will be ok if around 80-100euro max

  • Anonymous

i activate t9 i can right with one hand my eyes closed in the language i chews qwerty is a myth if a phone has qwerty dose not make it a better smartphone my n86 features and size but your e71 a sleep wile try qwerty wile driving or wile you have one hand on the desk and the phone under hidden from the teacher
i garanty t9 can save you time and you can keep looking at what your doing just veryfy when the word is typed before presseing on 0 for space * will change the word to the one you want try it
take your blackberry or e series phone and type with one hand your eyes closed t9 is way safer then qwerty qwerty is good but not as versatile as t9 i love qwerty or t9 just dont like right wing criticisem

  • Anonymous

people im disapointed in PEOPLE not the c5 the c5 is fine but people are numb nuts . why complain n97 is for big smarthone user the c5 is to show s40 is out over gone ciao AND now with symbina there low end phones are smartphones cheep and have a open source os symbian ....
so please next time you complain think about what the phone can do more then a normal java single task phone
3.5 jack for headset buy a memory card and you have a good mp3 player a good smartphone that dose not have all the feartures a n97 have but besides would you rather do like sony ericson ? most of there phones dont have a 3.5 mm jack output most touch screen phone are used as PHONES so please this is grait for people who starts with a cellphone compagnie way better then a non smartphone

  • Anonymous

people put more attention on what a phone looks like then what it can really do !!! so now 200$ for a smart phone it s grait if you pay more you get more feature
symbina offers good support for skype live messenger
and besides if you never use the tv out or the gps on any otrher devices this is perfect small versatile symbian open source os with multitask ... the only thing it dose not have wi fi thats it s main problem but they made a afordable smartphone

  • Benjamin

I mean it will be cost 130 euro but this phone is really ugly

  • Shinigami

He has a wrong style of 8800.....

Wait about the battery life.... but a complete phone

  • Anonymous

i think it will be 1500ksh.omg!!!

  • Pish

Ugly phone. I particularly hate that Nokia 1100 keypad!

  • Anonymous

OMG... Nokia 3310 looks better than this!

  • Anonymous

i think this will be 50 euro

  • bryanna

no comment

  • Mihailius

I like the way it looks. The buttons are large enough for people with big fingers.

  • Cambodia

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2010i feel like we are back to 2004yeah buddy, i agee. we're going back to 2004 with this too cute phone.

  • knok