Nokia C6

Nokia C6

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  • anu

nokia c6 is the worst phone.dont buy and waste your money....its useless touch screen problems....

  • Primananda

I had a flexible cable problem on first six month...

  • Pk

My nokia c6 is on sale

  • harsha

nokia c6 is not bad,but touch not mobile one timeuce,just for6month,next time dustbin....

  • Njunwa

It is nice but I can't acces the radio.

  • Fevex

It's a nice handset.The only problem is the ram size some application closes itself if out of memory because of ram..It always says out of memory close some application....the memory reffering here is not the secondary memory,it means ram please don't install applications that coonsumes lots of ram memory like netquin anti virus or mobile guard because it runs in the background even if we quit the application..try it..:-)

  • Kelz

Beautiful product,but freezes.Only been a year.

  • Gihan

phone desighn is 100% awesome...but there is a problem on touch screen..have to press hardly the screen to give a qaulity is awesome good..sound qaulity is allso good..when if you using 3 or more apps on same time much slow the phone..allso no new updates from nokia to C6..if you looking for stylish & handy handset go for it...but you want the more proformance I recommend you go for nokia c6-01..sorry for my english..if you want to know more about the nokia phones send me a

  • Gihan

duke, 07 Jul 2012To those who are having problems with hanging etc. Please rememb... morenice post brother..keep it up

  • Anonymous

Ravish , 13 Jul 2012Very Nice HandsetNokia C6-00 is Very Good Smartphone also the Phone Price Is Not Good

  • Suneth

It is one of the best phones, that I have ever Used.
I can do lot of things with that, more reliable.

  • Ravish

Very Nice Handset

  • Sujit bhadane

C6 is best

  • nokia c6

my nokia c6 got broken the screan would not work it just showed colorfull lines everywere but u could worke with it by memory tuoching !!! like go to menu/music/musiclibrary/allmusic and stuff like that only by guesing becouse u could not see from the lines that were on the screan now i have a samsung s|9000 its sick !!!

  • C6

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2012Which one is Best? X6 8GB or C6?C6 is better, mine is on for it

  • dorian

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2012Very bad phone ,always hangs due to 128 mb ram,can't even reciev... morehi
the phone will run fine, if you give some thought to some of the applications you open at a given time, i/.e. trying to open maps and video player, will not only tax your memory, but your battery. Also watch out for some of those widgets, you download from ovi store, for better task management, install handy taskman

I have perfectly had music running in the background, with contacts, office documents, and a few other apps, and no problem at all

  • duke

To those who are having problems with hanging etc. Please remember to upgrade the firmware of your phone and use a quality memorycard, like class 6 or class 10 atleast. i have always updated my phone accordingly and am using a 8GB CLass 10 memory card for the last 8 months and my phone has hanged only once, that too because it was low on battery (1 bar left).

Also remember to transfer your older sms and keep new ones only. keep around 1000sms stored in phone at max. When you have a lot of sms the phone becomes really slow for some reason.

Also only install applications in the memory card. Leave the phone memory as empty as possible. if you follow this your phone will work all right.

  • Anonymous

Which one is Best? X6 8GB or C6?

  • marivic

n0kia C6 Very nice ph0ne,its c0mplete.i like this ph0ne.n0w i use this ph0ne.

  • anoop

got problem within 7 month of purchase. Screen problem, hang problem with heavy weight as well.Power back is very low.