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Nokia C6

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  • Khreez

My problem is the internal memory, its low, but Nokia C6 rocks!..if you handle with care, you'll enjoy it, seriously i enjoy mine. Good work NOKIA. I love NOKIA!!!.

  • raj

hey guys
anybody plz do help me,i want "voice changer" software during calls.where can i get???
plz reply me with link..

  • Ishan

Resistive touch is very very bad,you have to literlay hit hard on the screen.Phone's modem is very bad.

  • Anonymous

Very bad phone ,always hangs due to 128 mb ram,can't even recieve a call as it hangs when call comes,makes life hell


dnt buy this set becus it work slowly thts why u must be irritate when someone handle this phone and u will definately loose ur confidence one day.

  • akash

AnonD-61719, 04 Jul 2012hi nokia fans... am a nokia fan..and am planing to buy nokia c6.... moredere iz no hanging prob. In dis fon if u use untrustd apps, den it cn b n if u tink about slidr den it cn b defect if u use it unnessesarly n fastly. Other wise its a bst one i m having it since last 1 year n not a single prob. Came in my mob. K.

  • AnonD-61906

worst fone on earth......the slowest ever fone

  • sunny

guys c6 is d best fone of its class.. Believe me. The only problem c6 faces is of 128mb ram out of whch arnd 90mb is occupied by symbian itself whch leaves just 38mb for oder apps. This is not a problem unless u run many background apps such as fring skype etc. Also surfing full websites can smtimes lead to crashin f browser. This is again due to 128mb ram. If u cn manage ram thru ram managing apps dn u may go for it Else fone works fine.nd dere r apps dat can clear ram by just pressin on home screen.. So it all depends on ur usage. Fone has no issues

  • aple de ap

its great when i have it :) but i want to upgrade the phone can i?

  • puni55

really bad i have one amazing

  • navnneet

this is bad screentouch....

  • Anonymous

ar u sure i cant wash dstv on my nokia c6?

  • Anonymous

can i wash dstv on my nokia c6?

  • kk

nokia c6 has very small RAM and it does not support most application

  • Sam

Al Swiss, 19 Aug 2011I used this phone just about couple of days before. And my compa... moreGreat work man:) full analysis done

  • shree patil

i was read all comment of nokia c6.......!
i think it's avery good phone to use smothly .....
try it and say it's a very very good phone..!

  • AnonD-61719

hi nokia fans... am a nokia fan..and am planing to buy nokia c6....but some of my friends sugestion c6 is not a good phone..they r sugesting for htc, i cnt leave c6...guys wats your opinion?? does c6 have complaints in slides??? and wat about the touch??? and some saying it hangs always? is it true?

plz help me

  • sukhsen khan

this cell is a good n very best cell

  • maxE

Worst phone ever, go for android or anything else except not Nokia..Got C6-00 and C6-01 for a long time and both phones hangs a lot, many times its impossible to even pick a call or disconnect one, ...sluggish touch, worst phone. Mind it, it can make your life hell

  • doriandun

just a little tip for all those who are experiencing battery problems with v40.

The main issue is that the menu, does not exit and remains open all the time, thus killing the battery within 24 to 36 hours with little usage.

The solution: install handy taskman, and let that be your task manager, not only can you kill all application open, you can easily move between application just by clicking on its icon.

after install this application and a full charge

41 hours standby [ 3 bars was left]
1 hour internet
30 minutes apps that's use the internet [ i.e trip adviser, ap,etc]
30 minutes phone calls
accessing calendar, writing notes
2.5 hours listening to music [from previous experience, for some reason playing videos, draws more battery power, probably the processing of video]

One further way to close the menu feature is to click on options [in the menu page] and click exit from there to exit the menu.

as for no future updates, i am sure a lot of developers can create custom roms, and why not create a app store like cydia. which is in place for apple.

My only issue left is reducing the processing time when taking images, this being my 1st real nokia, and to be honest i am loving it [who would of guessed, all symbian needed was more ram, to be productive]