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  • Anonymous

Ravindra, 01 Jul 2012The worst phone..whn one problem is fixed other arises..i hd pro... moresame problem,

  • pramo

wen i tried to update my phone. it is showing tat "server certificate is untrusted".how to fix tis problem.anyone help me

  • jaru

pls hw can i gt a synbian action or adventure games on my nokia c6

  • Anonymous

Hi friends.. I have been using nokia C6-00 since dec 2010. Really good build quality,dropped few times by mistake but really strong.. Touchscreen sometimes is not that responsive and sometimes hangs on you. But honestly phone hangs occurs rarely when you open too many apps at the same time.
Music player is good. Loud speaker output is decent.
Camera - I am really impressed. 5 Mp with LED flash is superb.Have good few photo options though i use only default settings.
Video recording is equally good. No complaints here.

Cons- It does not support .avi and other popular video codecs. Only mp4 is available by default.
Updates - As of today no more updates i guess. My last update was V42.0.04. Nokia provides updates from c6-01 onwards..

Hope this helps you in making your decision.

  • Darko

The coolest phone evah!

  • Kaynay

Tnx guy. I recently got mine n it's features r realy kul but it refuces to download. Whenever i try to download, it writes 'download failed'. Pls where do i set it from to allow 4 downloads?

  • Ravindra

The worst phone..whn one problem is fixed other arises..i hd problem wid touvh screen replaced it and now there is a problem with the front camera whn i try to use it it shows a black screen if ne 1 knws d reason pls pls pls tell

  • Anonymous

As a phone, the C6-00 is fine to use, albeit a little insensitive on the touch screen.

However, if you're interested in keeping the phone's software up-to-date, skip this phone.

Nokia has stated quite clearly in several forums that the last software update is version 40 of the Symbian S60 V5, an OS Nokia no longer supports or intends to maintain.

There is no Symbian Anna or Belle for the C6-00, and Mac users are even more neglected as the Nokia Software Updater for Mac DOES NOT SUPPORT the C6-00, despite the text on Nokia's Beta Labs site - I tried it last night, and in the feedback there's many people who also have phones that are supposedly supported yet they do not work.

On the public face of things, Nokia is flat out determined to forget the phone exists and ignore any and all feedback about it requesting support or bug fixes. You can't even find the C6-00 on the Nokia site any more unless you use Google Search to "back door" your way through.

They're only interested in showing the illusion of support to customers who have bought the very latest Symbian^3 phones, and the whole front end is now Lumia! Lumia! Lumia!

Don't buy this phone, don't expect support for it if you do buy it, and don't be surprised if the only feedback you get from Nokia is just, "Buy our new Lumia!"

I was given a C6-00 as a gift to replace an ailing N95 (which funnily enough has a 3D-dedicated GPU but the C6-00 apparently does not), and when this C6-00 dies it will be the last Nokia phone I ever own.

  • Anonymous

Hi,pls r u guys saying dat the touchscreen sensitivity is poor?

  • Anonymous

Hi, are u guys saying dat the touchscreen sensitivity is bad??

  • Anonymous

charan, 29 Jun 2012superb phone with good qualitythanks

  • your friend

Maaiza, 28 Jun 2012I want to buy a new phone and using the Nokia E63 at the moment ... morehey u can get it.its amazing with high quality & best........

  • charan

superb phone with good quality

  • jonaqpetla

doriandun, 25 Jun 2012this handset is not as bad as many people are making out. Th... morehey, I've been using C6-00 for One Year and Two Days now! And, objection to your comment on video playback- if converted to .mpeg4, h264, the cell can play higer resolutions of videos. Now I'm using Format Factory to convert videos with 480x360 resolution with stereo sound, giving bitrates around 1100kbps. And it records videos at around 3000kbps, with good sound quality. The cell went bad once, became extremely slow, around 3 months ago. But it was inside the warranty period, so i dumped it in NokiaCare, it came back good in Two days. But the problem was not in the software, it worked all right- the screen was the culprit! So, advice, if anyone buys one, don't sit on the cell, or don't keep dropping it!

Otherwise, good phone. I'm using it in 2G only, but my monthly downloads reach around 5 GB, the cell manages well. Actually that's why I'm using it in 2G- it's a whole lot cheaper!

Good phone, nice for internet browsing. And if you have good network connection, you'll be able to play youtube videos in the browser too; just goes blank after a minute of buffering!

Actually, a few minutes ago, I was watching Ice Age 3 in it, and I could actually count Manny's Hairs!

Good multimedia performance. But didn't get a firmware update for 5 months. Last update was just the browser. It's good though.

  • Maaiza

I want to buy a new phone and using the Nokia E63 at the moment I stuck between the Nokia C6 and Samsung galaxy ace. Im more of a nokia fan but beleive change is good Any advise on the Nokia C6 or Samsung Galaxy Ace

  • killer_king

this is the most amazing phone that i have ever had its really strong and it has a lot of options and a good touch

  • Saurabh010

mazzo, 30 May 2012I have got a problem when I want to open my pictures it will say... moreDelete some data from memory card then open photos

  • scopeman

c6 is a nice phn if u cn keep a low profile wit ur gadgets & avoid onlin mode 4 batt; dont ever lt it fall & dont put de phn in ur tight jeans 2 aviod sensor prob...i'm nw usin htc,face it is gone

  • Nozer

does it have a stylus with it....

  • Al

had a really bad experience with teh touch screen.. twice went bad under warranty period and now again after warranty.. warranty expired on march 2012... had a very good opinion about nokia but now need to think twice before getting a expensive nokia cell phone... C6 is not worth Rs.12000 for the way it worked for me... but nokia keypad phones are appreciated...