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Nokia C6

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  • Ravleen

hey...i want to know its voice clarity....????its speaker quality is better or not???

  • Anonymous

Jobby Abraham, 10 Oct 2010The launch of C6 is checking the limits of my patience. Though i... morehey dude the phone is already released and is available@nokia priority dealers

  • rahadian

I bought it 2 week ago. It suitable with you who need good ratio of price and feature. what gsmarena told in their review is matched with my experience in this phone. I found several weaking of this phone : 1. Battery is reduce faster if you make a call or play video in moderate style, I need recharge the phone for everyday. 2.A litte confuse of auto rotate. 3. It weighty and slippery body. But overall, I like and glad to have this phone. You will not dissapointed to buy C6-00. - rahadian.indonesia-

  • Jobby Abraham

The launch of C6 is checking the limits of my patience. Though it was announced so early, it is still not availiale @ any Nokia stores in India. I plan to buy one, but further delay can change my plan to still keep waiting. Does anyone know the launch date? What exactly is causing the delay of its launch?

  • vinit

Got d mob.. was heavier than i expected.. dn kno y.. but vodafone sims are not working in it.. apart from tht everythin is cool!

  • Rahul

Don't compare only Touch screen Phones & Full/Qwerty with Touch Screen Phones!

C6-00 can be get expandable with 16GB Micro SD

and 16GB is enough! this phone come with 2GB Micro SD with it, you can buy your type of requirement externally.

  • Saminathan

subash from nepal, 10 Oct 2010which phone is better--- nokia x6-8gb or nokia c6-00C6-00 is very best

  • Saminathan

[deleted post]Hey tomorrow i am going to buy this phone because stocks empty in NPD shop in my city (all the 3 shops) they said it may come tomorrow evening.

  • subash from nepal

which phone is better--- nokia x6-8gb or nokia c6-00

  • Gomzi

Hi everyone, and rahul, well said mate. For all those guys who got hung using this phone, remember its not a pc. Ram is suffucient enough to do few things. Not evrything. I own this phone and can tell you its a great value for money. The overall package at this price is competative. So folks who are planning to buy, go buy. You wont regret it

  • Anonymous

ahmed kamal, 07 Oct 2010hey can anyone tell me if it has "all" section in the ... morei don know .... i am saying right... y u r asking me this many times...........

  • Anonymous

I don know...

  • Anonymous

it s nice mobile all fetures in mobile i buy today

  • robin

indra, 10 Oct 2010somebody help me. i really plan 2 buy this phone. wil it work wellthis is the best cell i have ever come across

  • Rahul

26. For those, whom want to Hack it, DON'T EVER HACK THIS CELL just go to

then apply Certificate & Key

in 24 Hours you will get it, in your account you will see green Right symbol, then click to singing & sign the unsigned applications!

  • Rahul

23. There is only Lack in this Mobile Phone (Only for me, I don't know if this others have faced)

in Settings > Application Settings > Installation Files

when i open it,

it get black or white screen, i do boot up then (switch off then on)

24. There is no problem in this Machine, only in Update

25. Which soon be re-Upgraded again.

  • Rahul

21. Defaultly S60v5 symbian ^3 ^1 does not support N-Gage, for it, you have to follow the tricks, IT WILL WORK & WILL LET YOU TO PLAY N-GAGE GAMES, ITS ALSO SUPPORT NDS EMULATOR, SO NOW YOU CAN EMULATE & PLAY PSP TYPE OF GAMES! YAY!

22. '3D graphics accelerator' This is the feature very rare in Nokia Phones, for making is alike or similar,
download 'Java Runtime 2 beta 1' & 'Python Support'

both are .sis files, & Python will make your Phone a Lil faster. & will give you all time compatibility to new Nokia C6-00.

  • Harry

Have been using C6 for some time now. I did read a lot of comments stating that the phone hangs and etc....well my cell have v11 firmware and after some research on the net I note that this is a very stabe firmware.....the firmware is also available as an update on the NSU....I am not facing any if your are facing problems then check ur firmware version (dial *#0000#) and if it is lover then 11 the upgrade to the latest one and most of the problems will be solved.....hope this helps.....if anyone needs any help then feel free to ask....I have a lot of experience with Symbian and will help where possible...

  • indra

somebody help me. i really plan 2 buy this phone. wil it work well

  • Anonymous

yuvraj, 09 Oct 2010m using this phone from past 9 days..!! i cldnt hv got better de... morehi yuvraj i am waiting for this phone since the 13 april as nokia launched this cell but i am not sure know because i read the reviews. there is low sound and bad clarity and hanging problem plz can me clarify i should buy the phone or not