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  • Danny

To all Nokia C6 users:
Please answer these questions.
How is the battery life for normal usage (A few calls, few msgs, some 5-6 hours of music and a little bit of interneting)
How is the music quality?
How is the ease of use of the QWERTT keypad.

I am still not able to decide between Xperia X10 Mini Pro and C6. Please help me.

  • Danger.s

If nokia c6 play avi files
or support divx player software

  • disappointed custome

I've bought Nokia C6 and for couple days,I recognized there was faulty on the touchscreen.and what Nokia said;

"Dear Mr. Sharom,

Thank you for emailing Nokia Careline.

We understand that you want to have your device placed due to the issues that you are having; however, please be advised that Nokia does not have a replacement policy. Rest assured that the service center will ensure that the repairs will be covered under the terms and conditions of the warranty and that our technicians possess the technical knowledge to have your phone repaired to the best of their ability."

In other words,I've bought REJECTED product.What a shame on NOKIA.

  • _wyane_

i am writing this comment both here in c6 and in n97mini opinions...

i just want to know if which phone do you prefer..?c6 or n97 mini?i just want to get some feedbacks the 1 who owns the nokia c6...after having the unit itself please tell what your experiences and comments about the phone...its my honor to know those critizisms,comments or what so ever about the phone...
im a bit confused which phone i'll get...thanks and god bless..


OMG this handset has bejeweled.....FTWinnah!!

  • Punter

Does C6 supports dual simcards ?
Datasheet shows two sim options:­aC6_datasheet.pdf

  • mostafa sobhi

does the nokia c6 have a touch screen

  • D_n70

Fil, 03 Aug 2010Are you confused which one to buy? N97 mini or C6? Not able to m... moreIn india 98% buy things after luking thier budget and n97(19000) is far away under their budget bcoz at other side c6(13800) is waiting to b under their empty pockets with 95% same feature n c6 having more social networking so why we wil choose n97.If ur budget is under 14000 choose c6.N if u want to buy n97 i wil say then choose wave or galaxy.Dont waste ur hard earned money

  • stryker

i am gettin this phone for 15k in delhi from a dealer that i know very well but it is still without any bill.. he asked me to wait another week or so if i want it with bill..

  • Anonymous

when it gonna be available in India and does this phone is good to buy

  • Priya

Gaurav bahl, 04 Aug 2010is C6 available at Rs.13,500 ? if yes,then please share the sel... moreIts stil nt released.. Wil release on 19th September

Check tis out:


Internal sources have confirmed its release.

  • Anonymous

just looking at other reviews... WHY do most refer to 'drive c:' as memory?? (pedants please keeps reading!!!)
This does not help with decisions!

Please, if its content is *lost* when the phone is switched off, it should be call RAM..

Otherwise it is just a 'drive' that cannot AFAIK be used to store large web pages & images as they are being loaded!!!

  • hanief

someone cn help me? i want to buyying a phone..but two phone i like.. N97mini & C6... cn someone explain to me about this phone??

  • hanief

Fil, 03 Aug 2010Are you confused which one to buy? N97 mini or C6? Not able to m... moreso,your oponion n97 is very good from c6??
im confuse because i wnt to buy between two this hndset..plez help me..

  • p

nokia c6 is avialble in india

  • Anonymous

Are you confused which one to buy? N97 mini or C6?

erm, have you noticed that N97 has only 128M of ram, and the C6 has 240M?????

  • diana

thiz phone support email n excel

how about wifi conection ?

email can attch excel can edit or not

pls sumone help me huhuhuh :(

  • Gaurav bahl

Emil, 03 Aug 2010What you say is absolutely right my friend... But just one mor... moreis C6 available at Rs.13,500 ?
if yes,then please share the seller's address with us....

  • Johnny

Fil, 03 Aug 2010Are you confused which one to buy? N97 mini or C6? Not able to m... moreDude,chill! the key pad is much better for C6 than N 97 because,it has 4 rows of keys,and space bar in the center unlike N97 which has only 3 rows,and space bar towards right which makes difficult to type fast.

C6 is not all plastic as you say,it has metal finish all round keypad,steel at the back and inside the battery cover.

C6 slide is much better and smooth than N97 mini,as N97 mini has more chances of breaking and delicate to use,it even has a strip which connects both ends it gets broken,I know few of them experienced it.

C6 is manly phone,looks rich...if you are concerned abt weight go for LG phones which are light,and battery gets drained in a jiffy.

If you want more memory,8 gb card costs you nothing.

C6 has superb and sharp flash,forget dual or mono

You can save around 5000 Rs with same features as in N 97,and with the corrected drawbacks.

  • Anonymous

BJ namria, 04 Aug 2010Using my new C6, I cant logout of yahoo.mail. There's no logout... moreC6-00 come with 5MP camera
C6-01 come with 8MP camera