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  • stryker

hey for anyone wanting to buy this phone, i enquired from a dealer who i mostly buy phones from and he informed me he had the set available for 15,300 but he'll give it to me for 15k and that is without any bill, he said the phone might be launched next week and then i can purchase it with bill.... i still have not purchased it yet.. torn over what to do.. is it wise to buy such a handset widout a bill and that too for 15k.. whats ur opinion ppl??

  • Anonymous

It is very useful phone to me.Becuase every time i am touch with Chatting.It includes some applications to chat and easy to browse.Like opera and Ovi music is very usefull.I am waiting for Coming in india.

  • Rinshul

dose who know about android phones, wats d difference between androids and the OS used in C6 or other nokia phhones in terms of their capabilities. Secondly, do we have enough 3rd party applications for androids, because c6 already has many applications built for its platform. Also which phone is better- C6 or X6 8 GB???

  • Nitish

@ Ppl frm India

Guyz I'm SuRe c6 is gonna release on september 19

I saw it on
Its totally reliable answered a person frm techtree on nokia's twitter page.... that cannot be false

4 all those saying it will be releasing in December .... This has to be the first time u waitin 4 a phone cuz NO company EVER delays the release of a phone more than the quater that it is to be released and c6 was to be released in q3 which ends on september !!!!

  • himanshu patil

this mobile not come on other colours?

  • Nokia fan

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2010hey just wait for c7, it will be much cooler than this c6........BUY nokia C8 which will be far much better than C7 !

  • liza

i bought my unit just yesterday, and i love ths phone.its a lot cheaper than n97 and n900 but have the same far, my unit is working good and havent encountered any problem in using it...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Jul 2010hey just wait for c7, it will be much cooler than this c6........... and then, just wait for the C8... C9...

  • NoyPi

This phone is already available in the Philippines @ P13,300-P13,500 (in Philippine pesos). Good initial price, but knowing Nokia, it will be several thousand less in a few months. I'm eyeing to buy this next year, when the fw upgrades are already in place and the phone is much less buggy and much more affordable.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2010it will be available by august last week to sep first weekNo, it will not be available by end of August or
Septmeber 1st week. It may be avaibale by end of
August/ September either in year 2011 or 2012.
Till then be patient.Already, many people have been
giving their self-proclaimed release dates like June 30, July 15,end of July, 1st week of August. These have all proved to be misleading and white lies.

  • Anonymous

pk, 31 Jul 2010dudes.... does anyone know wen s c6 gonna hit indian market... o... moreit will be available by august last week to sep first week

  • Anonymous

i m waiting 4m april 4 dis phone.. but no news of it in india but i think i will better w8 4 some more time to grab a phone running symbian s3 as this runs on outdated OS. thanx nokia 4 delaying d launch of dis phone bcoz i wud have surely bought this one and regret it when symbian s3 phones release.

  • Nokia C6

Boss i have sure news that C6 gona be in market by end of December, 2010 ...... i was waiting for this mobile from last 4 months and now bought N 900 and it realy rocks..... dont weast time and go for it....

  • c6

gwc, 01 Aug 2010Disappointed after less than 24hours of use. The processing is ... moreGallery loading time is more than 15min?
Battery life is less than 12 hours usage?
Don't post nonsense thing here.. many people is now c6 user n didn't encounter the problem as u did.. i think ur c6 is a defect unit,go to Nokia center n change a new one.. c6 shouldn't have these problems..

  • Anonymous

if you live in the city with abundance of electricity it shouldn't limit your activity... c6 will surely last with left over until you get back home and be able to recharge it at night...

just use seven for push email it will work and won't drain the battery too much... use palringo/utalk for chat through out the day with no problem with the battery as well...

i have both on most of the time, heavily use text messages about 100/day... browse online so many times during the day and also downloaded mp3 and files not to mention email attachments... phone calls about an hour or two a day...

at the end of the day where i don't use the phone as much the battery still have 2-3 bars left, 1-2 on more strenuous days... never died on me during the day...

for me it's acceptable since i don't live where electricity is scarce. it's very convenient for me to recharge it every night.

  • Atul Rahman

[deleted post]Today I have called Basundhora City Nokia Concept store and they told me that they had limited number of Nokia C6 but now it is out of stock and will be again available within One/two weeks.And it will be the black coloured one.I am also planning to buy one.You can check at BC by yourself.Thanks.

  • c6-owner

C6 is an average phone suitable for average things and for those who do not need high end stuff. It's like all in one smart phone (with limited features, quality little lower and lower performance). Overall is it ok if you use it for average daily usage.

For power consumption, please be reminded that configure your phone to close all unwanted connection like wireless, GPRS, GPS when not needed - any phone drains the battery very fast when any extra stuff especially connection is used. Only use it when needed. Any background programs should be exit if not used. Follow the guideline.

If you are thinking of using wireless for longer time, I would suggest to use your notebook. Mobile smartphone application are not mean for long hours usage. Smaller screen and keypad causes stress to your eyeside, finger typing and etc.

For email sync, configure to sync with only headers if possible. If you have fast internet connection you may have full downloads. Have it not to download too often. Download may be 1/2 day to 1 day once when needed. Continuous download even with service provider data line will drain the battery fast.

At the end it depends on your requirement and your usage per day. What you use it for, etc.

I would agree that Symbian OS still lacking behind and not many apps are develop on that platform. Hoping nokia will speed up that with intro of Symbian 3.0 and enable nokia C6 set to upgrade to it.

Nokia should keep working and get better set out there to compete with the rest. The have lost 40% revenue/profit as per their announcement recently. It sends a message to Nokia so that they must turn around with new blood or innovation ideas and products. They have called themselves a software company now. Will they able to compete further with iphone, android phones, etc ? Let's see the next moved.

This is a free world. Everyone have a choice to make. make your own choice with your own budget. Nothing is perfect expect God Himself.

God Bless,

  • Subhranshu

I am eager to buy C frm a long time now, also found an ad in the paper that it is available in some Sri Vasavi mobile shop in Chennai @ Rs. 16900, but the only problem was that the warranty was only showroom warranty of 6 months instead of Nokia 1 year warranty, as it was illeagal in the market. i m still waiting fr the official launch.

  • Anonymous

sajit, 31 Jul 2010U can not mute the camara sound........ i do not think that it ... moreWe want to mute the shutter sound coz it's our PERSONAL choice.. LOL

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Aug 2010you can mute the camera sound by using a 3rd party application o... moreHey do you mind sending a link here with regards to a 3rd party or patch in muting the camera shutter sound?