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  • Ram

[deleted post]Kay, I too had the same problem sometime before. There is a mild hitch in the software of nokia c6. The only way to solve is reprogram it. First off back up all your messages, important contacts, notes, calendar markings, etc.... Then remove your memory card and open the dialler and dial *#7370# your phone will reprogram it's C drive and it will be free of any glitches in the music player. You can reinsert your memory card and restore your contacts, messages, notes, etc. You can refresh your music player too.

  • kay

i've been usin dis c6 for 2 mths nw, bt thez 1 prblm, ts nt refreshin my music library, if i download music i will ave to sent to another 4ne via bluetooth, then resend t back into my 4ne, ts such an inconvinience! What cn i do????

  • horla

Hi everybody, I'm having problem switching this phone ON. After long press for so long, the phone refuse to power ON fully. It shows just nokia and went off again even when it is fully charged.

Help me out please, is there other way to ON the phone?

  • Ly

loving the phone. been using it for 2 years.. totally love it.

  • Imms

C6 only function well within the next two month.....i will not recommend it,video call is not effective even

  • pintu

Anonymous, 16 Mar 2012here the new thing..after i posted that i have updated my c6 to ... moreI am using it since 3 month. But now i am feeling unhappy bcoz it is nt works properly. Sm that i am going to sale it at only Rs.8000.Rs. 5000 discounted in only 3 more thing that now no one agree to take it. What to do

  • AnonD-5775

brodee96, 24 Mar 2012they market that camera is 5Mp.but itz worst like 1.2Mp.and have... morecamera is a 5mp having a resolution of 29xx x 15xx. May be you should practice decent photo capturing. And the speaker is low even at max volume that's right. You should bought the e7 if you prefer better experience. But c6 is moderate smartphone.

  • AnonD-5775

Charity, 23 Mar 2012Hello my fellow C6 users....pls i like to ask you dis question, ... moreif you are using a v40 cfw then nokia suite will prompted with the newer version v41 or v42 at latest. You can directly update your c6 using nokia suite even it is flashed. Or use available v41 cfw.

  • love

waste phone from nokia..touch screen working bad..sensitivity is very less..many times it is going to stuck..bty back up is also low

  • brodee96

they market that camera is 5Mp.but itz worst like 1.2Mp.and have big problems with touch quality is too bad..features are not working properly and those are not enough for a expensive phone like not buy it.

  • loki

nice phone for looking to be stylish but.....

Not been able to upgrade to best os.......

Feels highly bored when u guys continue to use it thoroughly
preferring other is best

  • Jijeesh

I am using this phone now,i bought this phone after 4 mnths only ,now front swiches not working ,touch screen reply very slow,battery backup is very less,everything is very bad.....

  • sumit

one of the worst phone i ever had .Always hanging problem never buy this phone.

  • Charity

Hello my fellow C6 users....pls i like to ask you dis question, ever since d new upgrade for the phone is available, i couldnt upgrade mine just because i have flashd the phone ones. when ever i want to do so, it always ask me to upgrade it via there anything i can do about this?

  • srvnk

C6 is released in September 2010

  • sudhakar

the lion, 20 Mar 2012I've been using nokia c6-00 for over 2 years by now and everythi... moreNokia c6 introduced in Jan'11, it is not completed 2 yrs even 1 1/2 years.

  • shamshad

nice handset

  • the lion

I've been using nokia c6-00 for over 2 years by now and everything is doing fine. I've installed many new programs and all work well. The only thing that matter is that I have to change the glass cover several times since the screen is not scratch resistant.
Afterall, it is a good phone, especially regarding the price.

  • Anonymous

wn vil b nw update v42.0.004 cms in india so dt v cn update ovr c6 phne...

  • sunny

it nice n comfortable but i don't feel good as this smartphodne doesn't support mp4 video.