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  • SnowMan

I use it for 2 years. It is easy to use, keyboard is the one thing that proves too be great on C6-00.
But it has major downsides: 1. Not enough RAM, it slowes down as soon you install a few simple applications. Very often it doesn't open pictures because of it, and even in you open a photo, it does not sharpen it, and only thing that helps is a full restart turn C6 off-on, wait and wait a little longer, because it takes a lot of time...
2. Display, you have to push hard to use touchscreen, soon you realize that it is good if you use navi buttons on keyboard, that solves some speed issues.
3. Symbian, it is an outdated sistem, not many good applicaion out there, as if that wouldn't be enough, even the CPU "434 MHz ARM 11" proves to be to slow for many apllications like "talking cat", "talking hamster" that require live interaction.
4. ACCELOMETER does not work as good as competition (Samsung,HTC,SonyEricsson), even orientation often needs some convinsing, like opening keyboard...
4. NO DIVX MOVIES, movies have to be copied through PC Suite program, because they need to be converted, it is an automated process when you have your C6-00
connected via USB in PC Suite mode, just drag and drop files in My Computer.

-it supports 16GB microSD
-a pretty loud speaker for playing mp3s
-Superb for writing messages, great for taking photos
-Nokia OVI maps are working great, they are totally free, a free download with usb connection or wlan of a required map and it works just fine without the need of a internet connection afterwards!
-Installed GARMIN XT works great, needs some time to find sattelites but works.
- To use led flash as "battery light" just install FLASHLITE EXTREME, otherwise you don't have it.
- I recommend Opera Mini for big buttons and easy use of internet browsing.

That is it.

  • AnonD-46311

I can't connect to a PC . Please help . This is so annoying -.-

  • AnonD-46311

Please help . Why I can't connect to a PC ? Something's went wrong -.-

  • Anonymous

It's raelly a good phone but I get this message often - PHOTO MEMORY FULL TRY LATER. What can I do as I can hardly views my pictures now

  • sostik

Friends please halp me, i am confused ,, Nokia 500 or nokia c6 ????????? plz halp

  • Meee

Pls how can i upgrade me c6 firmware and where can i get d link? Pls how reliable is d upgrade?...thanks in advance!

  • GummiSnorri

Probably the worst phone I've ever had...

It lags horribly, do NOT buy it.

  • Anonymous

saynt, 11 Mar 2012its a gud fone but has its own probs.. Can't recommend it for he... moreif u r tired using slow c6 think about cheap nokia 500 belle(1ghz)

it's OS is so fast and handy that i never get tired using it,i have also very slow 5230(434mhz) but since i bought 500 belle using it rare

  • Arman Murtaza

it is really a good phone but it has a bad vibrator....

  • Raj

nokia c6 is very good phone

  • Jack

I'm usin this phne. Its gud in terms of vdeo plybck, gps, intrnt, cam (mainly cmcrder), chatin, app spprt, 3g. Else, average.....

  • saynt

its a gud fone but has its own probs.. Can't recommend it for heavy user or for existin symbian user...but very ok 4 java users dat wans to switch to symbian...
Discovered probs include:
-poor battery
-after fone update, it freezes
-it goes off and on wen using it
-too slow
-closes apps all by itsef
and finally for now,
-i'm tired of using it.
Thanks Nokia

  • ankit

Cedric, 10 Mar 2012Its a very good handset. For those who having unnecessary proble... morei think either u r eternally stupid or a goddam has resistive touchscreen & navigation is not free u need a internet connection for that.

  • Anonymous

i am using this phone....actually is a very bad phone. It is a kind of very slow and lags. once i kept 1 app running and then opened music hanged..i tried many times but could not open then i remembered the app and i tried after closing it and then opened and after a long time it did open.Thank God!! might seem that in the house the speaker is very loud but when you go out even the highest volume is nothing........after all i will give this phone 2 out of 10

  • alwin

it is a very good phone i like it

  • Cedric

Its a very good handset. For those who having unnecessary problems with it probably don't know how to use the smart phones. Its has AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with corning gorrila glass. So, obviously touch respone is great. Plus it has all inbuild features like GPS navigation, Sensors- Accelerometer and proximity, Windown live Messanger, yahoo + Google talk, 5 m.p camera and QVGA secondery cam,WiFi, Querty keypad and it goes on and on. What i found the only dislike in this phone is that its a very thick gadget and plus its a bit on heavier side(150gm). So, All in all its a Good smart phone from Nokia.

  • nokian

Its a very good phone according to its price...

  • Nilesh Wable

Its really nice looking phone with good features.

  • shamaz

very very very very gud fone.... gud qwerty keyboard with mouse.. gud camera gud batry life.. awsome

  • Anonymous

Kunal, 03 Mar 2012I use this fone since 6 months, i hvn't get any problm, its goo... moreYa,its true nokia c6 is a nice one...