Nokia C6

Nokia C6

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  • shafi mannarkkad

out speaker low sound
flash complaint
circuit keyboard complaint

  • Anonymous

well nokia can start thinking about leaving the mobile industry and focus on some other things because the more constumors wait the more they are disappointed. same old crap, nothing innovative and the worst of all that they generally cost a fortune!

Im a 6630 user for 5 years looking for something new a sadly speaking few thing have changed from my 6630 OS. Id rather go for the more innovative htc mini

  • Anonymous

5800 with a keyboard small screen! Fail again Nokia! Will go to android, X10 or the Nexus One or maybe wait for the samsung galaxy!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2010This is in direct competition with Vivaz Pro. The Sony Ericsson ... moreno its not. vivaz pro is lighter, smaller, better cam, better video recorder, better battery life and sexier. the same, same screen size.

  • Anonymous

clearly the purpose is to be able to market to the regular folk, the n series is extremely out of range for a regular consumer. most people gawk at the prices in disbelief. its a fancy looking phone for the an every day joe. as long as this phone doesnt price over the 5800 id give nokia a pat on the back

  • Kujit

chirash, 13 Apr 2010This is not fair.. n97 mini is for Rs20,000 this C6 is for Rs ... moreHow do know about the price of c6? Its not released yet.

  • umar

a newer version of symbion o/s would have been well come...

  • Cátia

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2010same as n97 mini notheing to be exited about :PYeh, it's the same.
in this days, if a phone doesn't have an S.O. like android or W.Phone it is not usefull!:S

  • Anonymous

Why on earth is it thicker, broader and heavier than N97 mini. The battery and screen are the same (if its not an AMOLED screen).

  • Anonymous

This is in direct competition with Vivaz Pro. The Sony Ericsson unit ofcourse has no chance as it'll be under promoted and under sold as is the case with SE.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2010at a price tag of 220 euros i guess everyone realises its an upp... moreim talk about C series la, not c6 price. .thnk twice bfore you post

  • Gamma Sharma

Can we have a specification on the hard ware front. The Processor and the RAM and the ROM?

The screen could have been a little fuller for the front estate of the device. Its basically a 5800 with keypad.

  • rutu

same is nokia n97 nothing new

  • toteu000

Yep, same as n97 mini, but if they keep the price low i think it will be a success. There are a lot of apps that make symbian fun to use. although it won't be as fast or as smooth as other OSes i think it will be just OK.

  • Anonymous

lucasvince, 13 Apr 2010awesome fone for low price, better than 5800 and n97i can say better and cheaper than 5800! when price drops to 16-190 euros it will be defintly better than samsung star, lg cookie, nokia 5230...

  • deepak

Amazing cell i think its just like a n97 but how much its price??????

  • Parth

Its nthing bt excetly 5230 with qwery keypad and 5 m.p camera

  • Anonymous

Does it really have face and smile detection? I think GSMArena has got it wrong. because nokia phones dont have this feature.