Nokia C6

Nokia C6

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  • lucasvince

awesome fone for low price, better than 5800 and n97

  • Anonymous

i love you, 13 Apr 2010don expect to much about this model,C series is built for normal... moreat a price tag of 220 euros i guess everyone realises its an upper mid range phone u need'nt mention it

  • david

nokia really need a BIG a nokia fan its very sad to see that nokia is moving backward day after day.the phone design juz getting worst and the spec is juz like copy and paste from n-series.....there is no creativty and the fon design is so ugly.....i really hope nokia will do something that would impressed all cause im looking forward to change a new handset since my current handset(e75) lags alot but i just cant find a better phone from nokia that looks so is still living in 90s that they are dominatng the handphoe market.....if they still cant improve i think their market will be replaced by other competitor very soon....

  • kung_fu_Panda

i tink they just renamed n97

  • Niraj

Hey friendz, dont you think this phone deserves 10 10 10...
See its price and its features, their is a great combination between them, this one deserves it... Cheers...

  • besstech

why on earth is nokia still making phones based on symbian^1? that's rather dumb, a step backward i think.

  • chirash

This is not fair.. n97 mini is for Rs20,000
this C6 is for Rs 13500 only.. good going nokia..sry for n97 mini users

  • Anonymous

i think this phone not too "stone aged phone" for me... just a while ago nokia just released S60 5th.. with this phone, that makes 4 phones (5800,N97,X6)total, exclude replicate of 5800 (5530,5235,5230,5800Nav) which cant dominate market like N97 or 5800.. this phone seems hybrid type from N97 and 5230 Nuron with same spec as N97 but lower cost except TV(i dont think anyone using this feature too much, just for some people yes), carl zeiss(there is or not cant be compared), dual LED flash(this is it, this make photo only can be taken at sunny day.. really bothersome)...

so why dont you take an advantage of main feature of N97, cool design like Nuron, and dont take a lot of your money from your wallet by choosing this phone..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2010same as n97 mini notheing to be exited about :PAs a matter of fact there is a lot to be excited about, it's a C series fone.. a lot faster than most N Series..

  • hassaan

this cell has no ram n n cpu.. describe in specifications ..:-(

  • Anonymous

if it's cheaper then it's different

  • Vinks

Dude, where is stereo speakers???

  • brynn

All ive done is come on here read the spec so if its old hat i cannot help that...Its got a faster upload speed ,,150 grammes and as i wandered down the spec considering the weight i was expecting a 2000mA battery but not even nokia super 1500mA lithium polymer beast employed.. nothing is NEW even upload speeds are not supported here in uk and especially them speeds..Concerned about weight as in long term use it does start to take effect in real life especially one handed real life usage..Not overjoyed at moment..

  • Anonymous

i guess this is good as symbian -especially with the 456mhz processors and 128 ram- should never been implemented in a high-end device like n97,, with 220 euro at the begin it could drop to 180-190 after 6 months or so which is a great price for all these features although i didn't like sybmbian 9.4 that much and would have prefered at least symbian^2 on board,,,
and to think i was considering getting an n97 mini a couple of months ago!

  • Anonymous

looks nice but come on nokia. nokia is losing the touch screen race. seems all of the phones are getting thicker an thicker. waiting to see a slim touch screen with out the qwerty pad an divx play back out of the box an the 1ghz proccesser. nokia get in gear an show samsung what you came create!

  • Anonymous

LOL it has a resistive touchscreen.

And they still use those slow "stone-age" CPU-s?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Apr 2010same as n97 mini notheing to be exited about :Pthere is a lot to be excited about since it is gonna be much cheaper than N97 and derivatives.

  • Coolworld

Looks nice enough,no mention of the CPU though,gonna have to go look elsewhere for it,Nokia has to make faster phones

  • bosun99uk

Nothing to jump over the roof for.

I expect c6 to be cheaper than N97 mini

  • vchi

No tv-out?