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Nokia C6

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  • Anonymous

So many people are going to be disappointed when this phone is officially announced. It won't have the OS or the specs as many people expected. But it will still sell in great numbers. Based on the only other C-series phone ie C5, this C-series is meant to be budget smartphone, not innovative or class leading or adventurous. So it'll have existing specs but much cheaper than those with the same specs.

  • Mobilemaster

Ankit Jain, 16 Mar 2010hi please help me with the features of the phone gsm website... moreThe phone is NOT announced yet, plz wait a little bit more, NOkia could announce it soon.

  • Ankit Jain


please help me with the features of the phone gsm website doesn't have some of the main features of the phone could anybody please let me know about the following features:-
1. camera (quality, megapixel, performance)
2. does it have Wifi
3. when it will be available
4. I have seen its price around 12000 on internet is it true
5. how's its battery performance

  • Anonymous

Finnoula, 15 Mar 2010We've actually played with the c6 today and it does have wifi, h... morehow about the OS? is it symbian^3 or actually S60 5th ed with theme symbian^3...

i will buy this phone if this phone using symbian^3..

  • Jamil Abbas

I Love This Mob,
I'm badly waiting for its availability as soon as possible.
About its specifications, what should be?
It should be mid range price mob with a maximum features.

  • Anonymous

i hope this phone equipped with Qualcomm MSM 7227 600 MHz processor... i think this phone will be the best among all mid-range phone..

  • Anonymous

c6 same like n97 mini?? it means c6 have 5MP camera, 434 mHz CPU, and wifi.. wow.. superb.. but doesnt it make n97 isnt worth to buy anymore just because c6 has all n97 mini feature except its memory which can be handle by buying bigger size of MC???

  • Anonymous

if this phone has wifi + CPU 600mHz, camera around 3,2MP enough.. it should be the one i will choose to replace my 5800... too bad, it still using symbian S60 not symbian^3

  • Finnoula

We've actually played with the c6 today and it does have wifi, has all of the features of the n97 mini, all of them, the only difference is the carl zeiss lense and it has a slide down keypad. The touch screen is the same size, dimensions are pretty much exactly the same, the phone is a little more rounded. The nokia rep himself decsribed it as an n97 mini in a different case. IT wont be released for 5 months he said

  • Anonymous

Great design, but u can't use it roughly because of it's white keypad. In a few months it looks like a paddy field. Same for c5.

  • Gerry

If it's anything like the N97, then stay well clear of it. Nokia will need to bring out a great phone to rebound from the disaster that was/is the N97!!

  • Anonymous

i prefer this C6 than N97s.

i hate the N97's tilt-slide LCD.

  • Anonymous

Rajitt, 15 Mar 2010the chances of this phone having wifi seem likely, but as with a... moreit's the same arm-11 computer: it was under-clocked in 5800 at 369 mhz, then clocked to 455 mhz with firmware update, in some newer device (non of them is on 9.4 though) it's over-clocked to 600 mhz

  • Rajitt

the chances of this phone having wifi seem likely, but as with all the phones like 5800, 5230 etc.., the chances r that mostly it will have only a 3 mp camera. also since the c5 has a 600 mhz cpu, this too might have at least a 600 mhz cpu. i hope it has both a 600 mhz+ cpu, and a 5 mp+ camera. i've been looking 4 some time 4 a phone in the mid range to replace my n73, and n82.

  • Anonymous

personally i have used 5800 on latest firmware and i was not in too impresed of it, on the other hand i loved the iphone's user-interface but with apple's limitation it became more of a toy than a phone-pc,, so this left me with android devices which imo are too costy with prices equal to laptops(same with n97 and iphone)! NOW IF NOKIA GETS THIS DEVICE WITH WIFI, SYMBIAN^3 AND A PRICE TAG AROUND 200 EUROS THEN THIS WOULD JUST MAKE THE PREFECT PHONE FOR ME!

  • Anonymous

Its true but thru rumors around web.. Possibly wont be in c6

  • Fionnula

And it does have Wi-Fi!802.11 N FACT!!!

  • Finnoula

Just seen the phone.Gonna be cheaper than an N97..5mp camera...same as n97 mini just different design.No carl zeiss lense to keep price down!

  • Dan

Anonymous, 15 Mar 2010what no wifi?? thru this phone great.. but without wifi, what ab... moreIts not certain whether it has Wi-fi or not. That's why the Wi-fi column was left blank.

  • Anonymous

love these phone so much.. its like having n97 and 5800 express music in the same time.. GREAT!!