Nokia C6

Nokia C6

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  • Anonymous

what no wifi?? thru this phone great.. but without wifi, what about procie?? just give it around 400 mHz + wifi.. i bet every1 will love this...

  • Spawner

Good work nokia

  • Rajitt

Just look at the Daily Interest...51%, in just a couple of days. It just goes 2 show how many ppl have ssen the specs, i think Nokia is doing a great job, n being mature, rather than just throwing half built not so thoroughly tested mobiles like the other companies.

  • Anonymous

Thumbs up! i like it. hoping it will be high priced

  • Anonymous

lovveee this phone. hopee it will be official as soon as possible.

  • Anonymous

it really have wifi and gps. great great phone. hope it will have 600mhz.

  • Anonymous

symbian^3 is really great. nice phone from Nokia!

if its true, Congrats!

  • Anonymous

this is really great. i rated it 10 10 10.

  • Cliff

The C6 SHOULD have Wifi.. without wifi it would simply be crippled in a way when it comes to internet browsing and making voip calls... It would be a bad decision if nokia decides to launch it without wifi. I would love to think of it as a 5800 with qwerty instead of a 5230 with qwerty..

  • Anonymous

look's like the N97. They're giving us good looking phones for a small price now

  • diez

it looks like my 5800Xpress Music with qwerty keyboard and white color (it looks so beatutiful n elegant). With the newer version of symbian^3 i think this phone should equiped with new user interface (i think my nokia 5800 is quite boring because of it standard lookin user interface).

But the lack of wifi? owhhh man...

what about the CPU? the processor speed?

whether the audio quality is the same as 5800XM?

and battery life?
( hope some one could give me the answer, because i think i'm fallin in love... thank's)

  • tariq khan makronia

superb, very nice realy i like it

  • Anonymous

ooh. i really love this handset. if its is really true. Congrats Nokia for doing a really really great job.

I noticed the ratings are so low. like the x6's. why is it? whose making it 1 1 1. maybe the nokia haters. i will rater it 10 10 10. really disappointed with the haters.

10! 10 ! 10!

  • Anonymous

really expecting more changes on Symbian^3. hope it will have 600mhz or 1ghz if possible.

why is the ratings very low? it is bec. of the f*ucking insecure Nokia haters! f*uck you all. you shall die. Guys let's vote it 10 10 10. c6 deserves it.

  • Anonymous

very good job Nokia! guys vote it 10 10 10. nokia haters are sabotaging the ratings of the amazing c6.

guys vote it 10 10 10. if we have made the ratings of c5 from 6.5 to 8.0 7.9 7.9 we should make this also popular. right?

nokia fans vote it 10 10 10.

  • Anonymous

OOh i have this handset, its awesome hehe loool

  • Anonymous

what does symbian^3 mean? is it the new symbian 4 or 5 they mentioned in mobile congress?

  • John

when are they going to update the full specs about this? i want to know how much mega pixel can it hold.

  • Ahmed Abdul BAsit

What i really love about this phone is the 4 row keypad. If it ends up with atleast 3.2mp camera and a 1500 battery, i'ld definitely prefer this to the n97. A 4row keypad is a must in any serious device.

I dont know what the designers were thinking though when they put the stupid keys of the 5800 on this model. That was the thing i hated the most about that phone. What were they thinking?

  • CrossSaviour

Looks like Nokia XpressMusic 5800 added with a qwerty keyboard but anyway it looks nice if the price is nice and offical website given the information that Nokia C6 got WiFi :P