Nokia C6

Nokia C6

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  • CrossSaviour

Looks like Nokia XpressMusic 5800 added with a qwerty keyboard but anyway it looks nice if the price is nice and offical website given the information that Nokia C6 got WiFi :P

  • Anonymous

nokia is boring... same thing.... symbian 3?? touch UI is a same thing.... multitouch?? iphone have multitouch 3yrs ago.... please...are you blind?? nokia don't have imagination to make a new OS with new UI, same boring images, same boring icons, same boring menu.... please, kill nokia.

  • evans

weewwww coolllllllll i like it.......thumbsup:

  • Mobilemaster

Wow, it will run on the new Symbian 3 OS, it's a great mid-end smartphone, well done! :)

  • meriana



  • art

cool design!!! but lacks of wifi

  • Anonymous

l don't get whats new,special on this phone?

  • pubbaa

this phone seems to be instant hit ...i just assumed this phone is going to be USD300 at start and showed it my friends....,and may have massage the truth when i said it'll have multi-touch coz of the new UI people went ,really! i'm buying this one next

IMO love the bubble gum cartoonie S^3 ,while HTC has become sexy-cold-cooperate-steel it's nice to catch a simple sweet break

  • Akash from nepal

Another corby plus and corby pro competitors and prices will be just like corby

  • shorya

if this phone would come with wifi and minimum 434 mhz cpu i will throw my se yari and will definetely buy this .. and pls nokia camera should not be less then 3.2 mp and should have double led light too

  • Anonymous

Lol.. even no information about battery. So does it mean this phone runs without battery! Of course not. This phone will surely have WLAN as its a phone seems to be targeting business genre more tan any other, so wi-fi is essential.

  • Anonymous

No information about WLAN doesn't mean it has no wifi. Its because phone is not officially announced so detailed specifications are not available. Even CPU information is not given/available. This doesn't mean it has no CPU! Grow up guys!

  • rs2

No Wi-Fi,no party

  • Ramzi.

Biza, 14 Mar 2010Wtf no wifi? That makes this phone useless :(May be there will be wifi.....this is just a rumored unofficial specification.....dont believe in rokzzz!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

Who said there's no WiFi? It's just that Nokia hasn't given any official statements about the phone. The chances of WiFi being there is 50:50. If the price is below 150 euros I doubt if WiFi'll be there.

But like everyone else, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for it!

  • Biza

Wtf no wifi? That makes this phone useless :(