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Nokia C6

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  • jayjay

i purchased this phone 2months ago and i had a lot of problems with this crap!! the phone is freezing, its shutting down automatically and the audio quality is not good. i dont have time to visit customer care because im busy. i purchased this for the amount of 12thousand pesos and i think i just wasted my money purchasing this bitch gadget! the phone says memory full knowing that the internal memory is 250 and the external memory is 1gb free!!

  • chintu

this is lovely phonu

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Sep 2011how to mobile format plsitz a superb phone.......... i like it

  • Anonymous

unleash, 16 May 2011i am satisfied with it.. it hav everthing u want and also low cost..i 2 liked it

  • Npao

I bought C6 on 26 May 2011,,,
But it got hang before becoming a month old and then I could not switch it on, den I took it 2 Nokia care it took one month 2 get repair! Den got my EMI change..
Now I'm with C6, but it still hangs n d battery it really sucks!
One of d worse thing is it can't b upgraded 4rm symbian huff....

  • shariff

phone is good but one problem is battery backup is too low, otherwise ....:)


nokia c6 is very goood phone info given.

wifi is very good. tocuh support is osame.

operating system is easy to use.

application info given to cust.

yes phone hang up some time.

  • navin

bought aug 17 2011. before 1 month is over the phone is with nokia care , it is pra`ctically dead, they will keep for 5 days to fix it. gr8 hah! i spent 12K for this crap.? i will have to use it when i get it back coz cant afford to buy another one as yet but u think before u get this one.

  • AnonD-5775

for all hanging problems - update your firmware software version to the latest v40 check with *#0000# .it will reduce it. It's likely to hang when too many apps run at background.
-install netquin mobile ( cleans up the thrash files )
-install app stop (stop all apps running with 2click)
download these two from ovi store.

For internet problems - you can connect thru wifi (Wlan) from settings>connectivity>wlan OR thru 3g/gprs with your operator settings.

C6 has good features, we should know how to use it properly to work well.

  • AnonD-5775

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2011I bought the phone specifically so i could record telephone conv... moremaybe you just don't know how to. I use it to record my call. When you receive a call, answer it then click menu button long. It will open the 'open apps bar' choose the menu and turn the recorder on. And that's it. It will record your entire phone call, don't forget to turn it off after the call.

  • waqas

i bought c6 in white colour 6 days ago and it had only three problems, hangs, unable to show any picture/files on the phone and closes all the apps automatically. i went to nokia service and they are going to give me a new one in a week but thing is weather new c6 will behave the same or better. i think i wasted my money on this handset

  • AnonD-22581

Shubh, 16 Sep 2011i want buy is this comfort for Bussiness? You kidding!? When the nokia made last phone for business? In 2008? There is no NOKIA model suitable for business. Because all NOKIA phones based on simbian.

  • Anonymous

I bought the phone specifically so i could record telephone conversation. I have completely been unable to achieve that. Also it hangs sometimes and yet it is less than a month old. and I am unable to connect to internet however many times I try. The help text does not help either. it is less friendly than the N70 yet it is supposed to be more sophisticated. May be I just dont know how to use it

  • lalith

why nokia introduce a smartphone who dont have knowledge in this field its better to introduce a 1000 to 2000 rs mobile only only c6 is a worst phone in this world we get irritated by using this phone i purchase it on 30-5-2011 it always so low memory when we use application or internet its not good for business purpose they cheat us by produce a worst phone they get money from us and in return we kept our phone in nokia care for service and we will not get satisfied with the service they just upload some new software and tell us to check its battery is worst i went to snokia care for more than ten time for repeated problem now i m going to send it to company and in return i want some other phone thats it

  • kiran

it is good and go for software update and use smartly. Camera quality is very good',,,,,,,

  • vicky

it is one of the worst cell that i have seen .Its touch,sound,keypad and everything is horrible.My touch has already been once replaced so my opinion is please dont go for it guys...:-(((

  • bishal

i hate this phone ... i did blunder mistake by choosing this phone

  • renney

very good phone....liked it very much...its been six months since i bought it...used it very roughly to its full extent...still the best i have seen till now...only draw back is the symbian os which cannot be upgraded to the new one...but i would give it a 9.5 rating on a scale of 10

  • Chinni

Imusing this phone from past 6months, its a good phone, only problem with video recording, it always structs, other than this its good

  • sumit

hay guys do not by c6. A useless phone. Losts of problum in this phone. Do not by it.