Nokia C6-01

Nokia C6-01

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  • Anonymous

Could be the biggest seller of the new symbian series ^3 due to good spec and price.

  • sumit

nokia c6-01 price at HOTSPOT- IS Rs15150 & at shop the pice is -Rs15500.

  • anonym

No qwerty?

  • Anonymous

Nokia Priority, 24 Oct 2010We Nokia Priority suggest everyone not to buy this piece of crap... morehow about nokia c6? is it good to us to buy it? how if I compare c6 and c6-01, where is the better one?

  • Jokes on you now

[deleted post]lmao..
Gud one..

  • Josh

I'm interest with this type... how much it costs?? I can't wait it comes out .... LOL

  • S Chatterjee

Nokias market share would have increased significantly if this C6_01 was marketed before the festival season in India.

  • liang

how much is it
ready 2 buy now

  • avinash

does c6-01 have multi tuch input

  • Insider

C6-01 price - Rs15k
Availability - Q1 of 2011

above info confirmed

  • Anonymous

AMOLED screen is the best...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Oct 2010Whether c6-01 and c7 is launched..C7 is released...20400/-
C6-01 yet to release may take around 20 to 25 days

  • Anonymous

Whether c6-01 and c7 is launched..

  • Mayank

Hello, Whatever link ,u provided its not opening ....might be its wrong info..

  • KK

13,499 is C6. This one is C6-01.

  • Diego Maradona

Nokia is going absolutely hopeless with the same old Symbian model and same crappy touch and same crappy 3 button front designs with extremely low graded models.

Please try to place somewhere close to SAMSUNG WAVE or an Android Phone to exist in this market, or very soon we would find Nokia in the pages of history .

  • Arun

It has Symbian^3.Symbian^3 is Upgradable to Symbian ^4,^5,^6 like Android.

  • Arun

It has Symbian^3.Symbian^3 is Upgradable to Symbian ^4,^5,^6 like Android.

  • Sourav

cutesmann, 25 Oct 20101 Nokia N8 batt backup good but not best 2 Camara result same s... moreWise decession!

  • gaurav dang

its for almost 260 euros without any taxes and subsidies
for confirmation check out this official video