Nokia C6-01

Nokia C6-01

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  • raulplc

Anonymous, 24 Oct 2010hey, in the video it has multitouchsure!, all phones with Symbian^3 are MultiTouch

  • Suresh

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2010hey its c6 rs 13500 and not c6-01 check it outCheck the price its 13,499­kia-c6-01

  • Vikas

i love this phone ....... plz god gift this mob

  • Anonymous

Fone Freak moon, 24 Oct 2010@Every1 Here Is The BIG BREAKING NEWS Released in india @13,50... morehey its c6 rs 13500 and not c6-01 check it out

  • Anonymous

Fone Freak moon, 24 Oct 2010@Every1 Here Is The BIG BREAKING NEWS Released in india @13,50... morednt spread rumours,its not released anywhere in the world so how can it release in india.

  • cutesmann

1 Nokia N8 batt backup good but not best
2 Camara result same samsung 8mixp
3 Display brightness to low all samsung oled displays
this is three fects in Nokia N 8
so i m sale this phone
in 23000 indian Rs
Nokia C6 o1 but this three fects in this phone i m not buying nokia C6 01 and any Nokia phone
my next phone Samsung Glaxy S

  • Fone Freak moon

Released in india @13,500 INR
Poor Battery Back Up Capacity....Has Reduced Its Price I Think

  • ahmed

Excellent mobile

  • Nokia Priority

We Nokia Priority suggest everyone not to buy this piece of crap.We got some DEMO PIECES...checked it out for a month.The battery life is very low,low sound clarity and bad looks...

  • Anonymous

hey, in the video it has multitouch

  • M

Why did Nokia cut down the size of the phone and the battery comparing to 5230 series?

1320 mAh wasn't the best for 3.2 inches screan size phone. Now, the same 3.2 screan but less battery!

  • sai

can we view word and pdf files in this phone .....and please tell me what will be the price........

  • Fuad

Ali, 19 Oct 2010I advise you not to go for it for my bro bought one 2 days ago b... moreHow could you have this phone? Coz this phone is not sell yet..

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]probably late November - mid December, Nokia already announced that the shipping of Nokia N8 & C7 has been started and we can expect it to be available soon to the nearest mall and nokia dealers near you. but for now no words about the Nokia C6-01 and E7, but never turn your attention to other devices that's already out there, besides this phone looks promising and this phone is worth waiting for.

  • markvirus

prabakaran, 22 Oct 2010capacitive-detects finger touch only resistive- both finger and... moredo you have any idea if the capacitive screen of nokia c6-01 will be able to work if we put a screen protector? (I know the answer is obvious but, I would like to hear a confirmation), cause the nokia c6-01 reviews never told us about the scratch resistant or smudge proof screen (only clear black display).

  • M.Parand_Iran

[deleted post]I think this phone (C5-03) is not comparable with (C6-01) because of following reasons:
C5-03 has TFT-Resistive screen and C6-01 got a AMOLED-Capacitive.
CPU of C6 is more powerful, 680MHz.
Recorded video quality is much better than that of C5.
Symbian^3 is the last version of Symbian OS.
So, don't be dubious. C6-01 is much more better than C5-03.

  • Haris

can Anyone tell me about the battery BL-5CT is good or not since its a touch screen phone? nd can i use screen protecter on capacitive screen?

Hope for a reply

  • Maria

Do you think the sound quality is good?
and if you put a screen protector will it still work since it is capacitive??
hope for a reply!

  • prabakaran

anu07, 21 Oct 2010hey ,can anyone tell me the difference between resistive and cap... morecapacitive-detects finger touch only
resistive- both finger and any objects can be used

  • markvirus

@febin, I think the camera is only capable of capturing (focusing) 1 meter to infinity..

@mu07, resistive uses your fingers pressure against the screen, while capacitive uses electric signals from your fingers, I'm not sure if this thing would work if we put a screen protector on it, one thing to remember is that, stylus never work on capacitive screen.

@emma, at portrait orientation no, only on landscape, to use the onscreen qwerty key pad.

@all, lets just wait for this phone to be released formally, so that we can compare it to other phones that's already out there.