Nokia C6-01

Nokia C6-01

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  • igo

i almost said wow to the design, after seeing it side ways, i was like "damn that's some soap!" its thick, and after seeing symbian^3, i was like, "oh my, a newspaper back in 2000", still so dry, i cant see happiness in symbian, its just like symbian^1, i was expecting some big changes. but no, still dry

  • Anonymous

Emma, 20 Oct 2010Pls does this phone display QWERTY keys on the screen.could some... moreyes it has an on screen qwerty just like most other touch screen nokias

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know when 02 will have this phone?i bought this unlocked and was hoping to use my exsisting o2 pay and go sim in it but o2 say they dont have the gprs or mms and internet settings so cant use maps or send pictures:(

  • Febin

Akku, 14 Sep 2010what is this man!!! this fone doesnt hav aito focus!! then what ... morei comes wit a camera capable of capturing noo need of auto focus....

  • anu07

hey ,can anyone tell me the difference between resistive and capacitive touchscreen????
please help......

  • Mubin

i dont think so that bada or android stands anywhere near symbian. symbian's massive college of third party application is unbeatable as well as it's system is too good , easily available, easy to use and versatile. The reason of it being top in O.S. warfare is it's ease and huge collection of apps.

  • Emma

Pls does this phone display QWERTY keys on the screen.could someone help me.thanks

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Its price will be in between c6 and c7..
About release date, shud be available soon..

  • Anonymous

will the touchscreen work if you put a screen protector on it since it is capacitive??

  • Ali

I advise you not to go for it for my bro bought one 2 days ago but when he makes any call, the phone goes off. I do think that it is a technical problem. Plezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me.

  • s@j

Superb phone...
Evrythin gud, camera, ram, display, battery, symbian3...
Has evrything... will be a superhit...
Symbian 3 is gud, much improved...
Woud ve definately bought it, if it had flash 10.1 support.
Hope Nokia wil provide it through future updates...

  • Anonymous

It's a good phone, if it has multitouch support and stereo speakers i will buy it

  • Anonymous

does not have stereo speakers?

  • Mubeen Hussein

The phone is awesome. This will be my EID gift inshallah if it releases in time or will buy it later.

  • happy

Maria, 18 Oct 2010should i wait for this mobile or buy the nokia x6?? and when is... moreYup.. totally if u can wait for this one, it will be worth it..
Its better than X6 wid the same price tag..
It shud be released around christmas as per the details given by nokia..
Wait if u can, it will be totally worth it..
Rest ur choice..

  • Maria

should i wait for this mobile or buy the nokia x6??
and when is it gonna be released??

  • Anonymous

Bling, 18 Oct 2010Probably same price as Samsung Wave, best phone i ever had. If ... moreHey bro i cnt understand why so many people complaining about symbian o.s. it can do everything which yr mighty O.S. still trying to do. Wht a reason to have a mobile phone (i mean only mobile thing which u can carry wid u) if it cant servive for whole day. Any Android phone you think is better cant work for a day widout recharge.

  • Bling

Probably same price as Samsung Wave, best phone i ever had.
If only Nokia could ditch their crappy prehistoric Symbian and make a top new OS from scratch like Samsung did with Bada. Or if it is too lazy, at least use Android.
Would have consider this phone only if it was not Symbian.

  • markvirus

I think it's not a good thing to ask for so much for a phone that has a lesser price than wave, communication is the main reason why we need cellphones, if you just need it for a show off or glamor and style you can buy samsung wave if you want... if the price is not the issue why would some people choose to buy phones with less specs... try to understand the value of money for them... let them choose, nokia c6-01 for consumer and samsung wave for luxury, always remember that you cant buy gold for just a hundred bucks, everything has equal value. don't look for more on a phone with less price. :)

  • Prashant

adeel, 18 Oct 2010samsung wave advantage over c6.01: super amoled display with wv... moreAs C6-01 is a Symbian based phone, lot of applications will be avilable, I am not sure about BADA OS from samsung