Nokia C6-01

Nokia C6-01

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  • Anonymous

Can't believe that people who just bought c6 are buying this. It's true that this is tons better, but c6 is just out.

  • Wasif

ram & prossesor???

  • ani

Akku, 14 Sep 2010what is this man!!! this fone doesnt hav aito focus!! then what ... moreread the specs before you cry.......

  • Akku

what is this man!!! this fone doesnt hav aito focus!! then what is the use of the 8 MP camera?? anyone knows if nokia has solved the display problem of the old C6?

  • kk11

i which if nokia can do with android operate system?

  • Anonymous

i,m so happy that nokia releases a thin cell phone

  • Zubair Pervaiz Iqbal

What a great Phone.....Nokia Always Have Quality

  • Nimax

Wooah... Nokia announced a new version if c6... Cool cool. I'm first to post a review by the way ;)

  • ritzz

all these fast processor, dual led flash, high res display and 720 with only 1050 mAh!!! Go put a 1500 mAh on it suckers!

Battery life sucks!

  • Anonymous

processor? and wtf 1050mAh only???

  • xs

gr8 dis may be release after 2yrs.. hahahahahahaha if all peopels waitng to see dis posters never gonna use any mobile

  • Anonymous

I think of all 3 handsets that just been announced..I think i have to go with this one

  • Me

Almost like N8 but cheaper..i dont need 12mp camera so i think i'll go for this one..and i wont wasted more money like for the stupid n97.

  • Ahmed

wow another nice phone... specs are awesome.. i think its price should be around 195 dollars

  • Maxico

1050 mAh battery?
Are they kidding?

  • tunderbolt

It costs about 260euro,just see the review­d_c601_symbian%5E3_smartphones-news-1934.php

  • Anonymous

What cpu it used?

  • luis

correct specification, the Bluetooth is version 3.0 and not 2.0, on the nokia website says it is version 3.0

  • luis

Finally nokia launched with a nice design, it was about time, all recently released, for me, this is a very beautiful design, similar to the iphone.

  • Anonymous

Lovely phone. I hate my current 5800, can't wait to get this