Nokia C6-01

Nokia C6-01

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  • Anonymous

a new 5800

  • red md

If it's in the price range of C6-00, then it's a great offer by Nokia. Bang for buck!

  • v,hchg,

it should be write gsmrarena that this phone has 8GB built in memory

  • nuruddin saify

nice quailty good locking

  • f

price in malaysia probaly rm15++

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

Is it comes with qwerty keyboard just like C6-00?


NOKIA is flooding the market with different models but same features..

Bad thing is that they produce new models that fast and they are discontinuing other models faster...

  • oho

oho, 14 Sep 2010I think it was ClearBlack Display .. not AMOLED .. unless there'... moreOh .. now I got it, ClearBlack is something built on AMOLED .. great!

  • skud

another budget phone from nokia with a high end specs nice job nokia.......

  • 2toyzki

nice...! Can clearblack display stand up against AMOLED, S-LCD and RETINA display? We'll see.. Well im kinda happy nokia did some improvement with their display :)


i will be agood upgrade to 5800 & C6 . I hope it will be cheap.

  • oho

I think it was ClearBlack Display .. not AMOLED .. unless there's something I missed!

  • Anonymous

capacitive, amoled, 8mp and tv out ... definitely better than my C6! I am drooling.. i love this!

  • Anonymous

Nice upgrade from old c6

  • A

Affordable version of N8.

  • Anonymous

nothing so special,not a monster at all!