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  • pallash paatel

now nokia C7 with symbian belle and working best.
please update your c7 with symbian belle. i done it and work good. it is come with good future.

  • AnonD-22351

Manish, 11 Feb 2012Hi All, Upgraded yesterday my C7 with Belle. WOW, interfac... moreHi Manish...1.
Is NFC is available after updating to Belle and
2.what are he applications which are not supported after Belle update..??
3.How is battery backup..??? share your Belle experience id detail. Waiting for your valuable reply.

  • someone

AnonD-4587, 11 Feb 2012Have any of you noticed changes in battery life after upgra... moreyes the battery life is low ...not last for even 24 hrs

  • Kiran

I upgraded the OS on C7 to Belle. It's good wrt looks, interoperability. but, it's flash player crashes while playing a video other than MP4. for eg. .flv. the file refuses to open at 1 instance & needs to tried multiple times. what's the problem? Anna was good. could read and played all types of videos.

  • spidy

Guys...I heard that there is no Missed Call/SMS notification widget in Belle. Is this true???

  • AnonD-22351

Dear Ashman and Belle users...Is NFC available after updating to Belle and now how are you feeling about Belle...thanks in advance:-)

  • Manish

Hi All,
Upgraded yesterday my C7 with Belle. WOW, interface is just rocking. But missing some old cool features like "View Open applications" and battery status. Rest of the things are nice. Please share your experiences.

  • AnonD-18334

AnonD-4587, 10 Feb 2012Hi.I've noticed the same thing.But I’ve found a calendar wi... moreThanks you very much, Getngo! By the way, I have encountered another problem in regard to sharing pictures in Gallery. That means we cannot share the pictures in the Gallery. Whenever I click on the icon to share the pictures, it says Feature Not Supported. Do you face the same issue? Anyway, why don't we send all the problems to Nokia so that Nokia can help us sort them out? Honestly speaking, I don't know how to send the problems to Nokia. Can you tell me how to do it?

  • AnonD-4587

Have any of you noticed changes in battery life after upgrading to belle?Now, after the upgrade ,my phone discharge faster (with one day) without any apps running in background and Bluetooth, Wi-Fi turned off.

  • AnonD-4587

ramshi.., 10 Feb 2012before installing belle what i want to do??? Need to save m... moreBefore installing the new software it’s recommended that you do a back up, even though after you upgrade all your things will be in the same place.when I upgraded I didn’t lose anything only those apps that weren’t compatible with Belle. In terms of UI in my opinion Belle it’s nicer ,it will take some time to get use to it.

  • AnonD-4587

AnonD-18334, 10 Feb 2012Hi, all Nokia C7 users, after updating my C7 to Belle, I re... moreHi.I've noticed the same thing.But I’ve found a calendar widget that looks like the original from Nokia Belle only bigger, the only thing is that you have to hack you're phone to install it.

  • rohitnigam

hi.. i want to install jin hao effects on my c7. please tell me how i can have this on my phone. waiting for ur answer

  • OD

manutdfanboy.alexand, 10 Feb 2012there is only a analogue clock not digital clock.... Damn i... moredear it has both clocks, if u connect it with pc suite & update software u will get very new xitng features, try it

  • kvk

Marlen, 09 Feb 2012And one more thing: why does my version of Belle has only f... morethere are 6 screens u need to activate it from right hand corner bottom

  • AnonD-18334

Hi, all Nokia C7 users, after updating my C7 to Belle, I realized that there is only one-line calendar. That means I can see only one event in the calendar. However, in Anna, there were three-line calendar. That means I could see three events in the calendar. Does anyone encounter the same problem? Your response would be highly appreciated.

  • Anonymous

Guyz try out NORTON SYMBIAN HACK it iz awesome.... U can install almost everything on ur fone, whether signed or unsigned, u wont get any certificate errors....

  • AnonD-23327

Moodyz egypt, 10 Feb 2012i think am going to stick with my ANNA beacuse i found so m... morewell bro if u want to use c7 then anna is better i guess. nokia just wants to sell the phones which are still less than 1 ghz thths why they updated them to belle....

  • ramshi..

before installing belle what i want to do??? Need to save my all contact numbers...
If the downloading faild means it will effect my phone or not??? please help me
which one is nice anna or bella???
Reply meee please

  • AnonD-22351

AnonD-16100, 10 Feb 2012after updating my C7 to belle, i lost my password: the phon... try 4 zeros or 5 zeros:-) or restore your factory settings.Hopefully it will be done:-) Anyways hows is Belle:)

  • AnonD-16100

after updating my C7 to belle, i lost my password: the phone asks me to prompt the password, and when i enter the previous one, it doesn't start, 12345 doesn't work either. is anyone facing this problem? please help