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  • Anonymous

i have hacked my phone wid norton n there r tons of apps n games i wudn want to loose. So i guess i will get that clock in near future.. Its quite foolishness to reinstall belle just for a clock, isnt it.....
Anyway thanks for ur concern bro...
Sukriya lol

  • Ashman

manutdfanboy.alexand, 10 Feb 2012there is only a analogue clock not digital clock.... Damn i... moreMy suggestion is that you reinstall Belle once again and make sure you dont touch any buttons on the phone during the process.

701 battery can be used in C7 but just a 100 mAh more wont make much difference.

  • srinivas s prabhu

Yesterday i updated my C7 with symbian belle it is a good software

  • AnonD-25458

this is ace frome philipines the nokia belle is not dalready release in the philipines please reply nokia

  • manutdfanboy.alexand

there is only a analogue clock not digital clock.... Damn i lost it.... N i cant even find its backup in ROM z: n c:....
n can i use nokia 701 battery on my nokia c7????

  • Ashman

manutdfanboy.alexand, 10 Feb 2012i lost my digital clock widget in my nokia c7 running on be... moreIf you have downloaded a different digital clock app, you might have lost it. if you use the phone clock, it can easily be toggled between digital and analogue. I suggest ... you tap once on the clock on the homepage ... when the settings page comes out, tap on the analogue clock visible on the top left... it should now change to Digital format.

  • manutdfanboy.alexand

i lost my digital clock widget in my nokia c7 running on belle.... I searched almost everywhere in c:, e:, z:, for backup through xplorer but i couldn't find it. Plz help me guyz.......

  • Saurabha

Marlen, 09 Feb 2012I downloaded and installed Belle on my C7 two days ago. Now... moreHave you faced any issue with camera and GPS? Also, can you list the applications you used after Belle update.


  • Someone

AnonD-41583, 09 Feb 2012belle has so many disadvantage we cannot activate or deacti... moreAyaan so far youcan activate and deactivate power saving option but not like anna u have to click on the power button there u will find the option to activate or deactivate..hope it is clear but still we all includes me is looking and playing with our devices to get more from belle any how it is faster then anna.

  • Ashman

harit, 09 Feb 2012did any1 notice the battery life? I installd battery monit... moreharit, bro... you probably have apps running in the background and connected to the internet or wifi etc. Close all the apps and see...
Like lastnight, I did the same and to tell you... my battery remained 100% all night long.

  • Anonymous

musa, 09 Feb 2012I have already installed it but i think we have lost the ol... moreMusa and all those complaining about some features not being there ... Nokia has decided that those features are not necessary in Belle and Belle automatically takes care of that. Like for example, if you close an app in Belle it really closes most of the time and will not linger in the Multitasking menu. Widgets like bluetooth and WiFi can very easily be turned on and off with just a click on the button on the drop-down menu which is accessible from any homescreen.
I say give it sometime and everyone will beging to enjoy our overdue date with Belle!!!

  • Ashman

AnonD-15021, 10 Feb 2012I am facing no problem with Bell update, and if any one is ... moremusa11, ... You are absolutely right about reinstalling... I too first installed Belle and then reinstalled it immediately. No Probs & Cheers"!!!

  • Ashman

AnonD-22351, 09 Feb 2012Bro Ashman and Dr.Bidhan:-) Is video calling is available a... moreBro... you can stick to Anna if you want... I just thought we all wanted something new so I upgraded. Negetive comments will keep on pouring from people not used to Belle... I'm sure there will be answers to those questions as the days pass and as we explore Belle's heart more ... and I'm sure Belle is gonna grow unto us and again we might never feel like leaving her.

As for video calls via Skype, ... the feature has not been released yet... but they say it will soon be available for us. Cheers!!!

  • nokia user

i want my anna back

  • drakula

My C7 product code (059F4D5) still not in the list in Philippines!! I waited months for the update!!!!!

  • c7 max

guy i hav nokia belle on my c7. Now my c7 is super fast in evrything. No lags or hangs at all. Theme effects and animations are much nicer than anna. The phone became much responsive than anna. I lost couple of apps on my phone memory from the update but i think it's worth for such a big update. Flat menu structure is good. Also you can put folders like in anna if you prefer. Nokia store is working fine. All i hav to say is make a backup from file manager before updating. Thn after updating restore it, then your fone will be fine. Two thumbs up for nokia for belle.

  • AnonD-15021

I am facing no problem with Bell update, and if any one is facing problems then reinstall the update via Nokia Suite I think it will solve your problems.....

  • Moodyz egypt

AnonD-23327, 10 Feb 2012as we see many people now have probs with belle bec all pho... morei think am going to stick with my ANNA beacuse i found so many complains till now

  • AnonD-23327

as we see many people now have probs with belle bec all phones less than 1 ghz have this probs not only c7

  • Moodyz Egypt

Marlen, 09 Feb 2012I downloaded and installed Belle on my C7 two days ago. Now... morebut do you think its oks with you till now? no major issues happened to your c7 after z update?