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  • AnonD-15537

ehis, 04 Aug 2011Dr bidhan, how was ur day? I have bin able to move my files to m... morehey ehis..i m f9. Wats abt u? U can move ur music files 2. Even u can send sis/sisx files to other phone via bluetooth bt u hv to rename its sufix sis or sisx-> si(ie. Jst delete last s or sx) then u r able to send it. And recieved in another ph jst rename it again to sis/sisx b4 instalation. U can download n8 themes frm mobile9, bt sm may nt work.dnt wory try next 1. I dnwloaded HD games frm
n thats realy marvelous. Actualy most of time i mesh wid my patients so cant reply u soon,plz dnt mind dat. TC bye

  • Akash

hey heard symbian anna update is available in newzealand?? wen will be available for rest of the region??

  • Anonymous

I played around with a demo model. Being a Blackbery and samsung Favorite user, i was most impressed with this handset and wanted to get it - but pity about the camera - its fixed focus!!! Who the hell buys a premium phone with a fixed focus camera????? Come on Nokia!! dont sell us short..
Btw, this is arguably 1 of Nokia's best looking touchscreens, not ugly like the E 8 - which looks like an incomplete phone at both ends>>>

  • ehis

Dr bidhan, how was ur day? I have bin able to move my files to mass memory. Pls can I move music from mass memory to music player? Also, I tried downloading a theme from, it didn,t work 4 me. What are d steps. Thank u.

  • Sid

niks, 04 Aug 2011nokia c7 is best pice of nokia this is work so omth and fast Dear Niks..
thanx for your comments. pls can you tell me which colour c7 do you have and which colour looks gud.
1.Black or
2.Frosty METAL
and one more thing is that metal will fade after some time or not. pls reply me soon because I wanton purchase this phone. Thanx in advance

  • Anonymous

Tamari, 04 Aug 2011Since I bought my Nokia C7 have never used the gps of this phone... moreThe C7 caches maps to its memory, and hence doesnt need the internet to access maps unlike Google Maps, for example. However it does use the Internet when starting up to determine your position quickly, this is called "Assisted GPS". Note that the data amount is very small and ONLY used to determine your position, NOT to download maps. Assisted GPS can fix your position within 10 seconds or less, unlike conventional GPS which can take 3-5 minutes. If you do want to turn it off, however, do the following :

1) First make sure the maps of the region ur in are available on your device. You can see the maps available on your device through OVI suite -> Maps of on your device itself with maps -> settings -> update (requires wifi connection)

2) Next, go to Maps -> settings (the spanner icon in maps menu) -> internet and select Offline.

3) Exit Maps, go to Settings -> Application Settings -> Positioning -> Positioning Methods and uncheck everything except Integrated GPS.

4) If you do want to enable wifi/network based GPS then select those in positioning methods, but the phone will try to connect to the internet if you do that when you open maps. It may be useful however to get you position quickly if ur within range of a known or free wifi network.

Now ur phone is configured to use maps without the internet, ie completely offline.

Be warned however that only GPS without assisted GPS takes more than 3-5 minutes to get a fix and can be worse if ur near very tall buildings or trees or moving..I find that very irritating compared to the small amount of data needed for assisted GPS to get you position within a few seconds. Personally, I wouldnt use GPS without assisted GPS, but you have your answer. :) Cheers!!

  • niks

nokia c7 is best pice of nokia this is work so omth and fast

  • vkg

plz help me
During video cal display light goes off in every 5-10 sec . How i can continue display light on??
Plz help
Advance thanx:)

  • babdi

Tamari, 04 Aug 2011Since I bought my Nokia C7 have never used the gps of this phone... moreTamari
c7 works unassisted. You have to set it and see. I have a c7 and locks on GPS without internet. Well it a takes a good 3 minutes to get a lock-on

  • Bjay

umesh, 04 Aug 2011hi frnd... can somebody tell me..." how a application unins... moreMenu to Settings to Application manager to Installed Apps. Select the application and long press on it. You'll see the Uninstall option.

  • sam

Tamari, 04 Aug 2011Since I bought my Nokia C7 have never used the gps of this phone... moredude .,... update your maps ie download your countries map on your phone either through pc suite or directly on your phone from ovi maps ... nd then u wont be required to have a internet connection ... i did the same for my country india

  • Anonymous

TBT, 03 Aug 2011I'm so confused to choose between c7 and samsung s8500 wave. ple... morego for c7 samsung wave 2 is waste in terms of os. apps games are not freely available for wave, also the os is a crap one ,......

  • Tamari

Since I bought my Nokia C7 have never used the gps of this phone. Every time I try to use the gps the phone tells me that internet connection is required. This makes me angry because I bought this phone mainly for the gps. Anyone with an answer out there pliz help because I am now thinking of buying a gps.

  • fzl

Best motion sensor hd games, play use tv out cable like asphalt 5 & 6, GT racing, PES 2011, NFS shift, angry bird, also Antsnes and Gpsp emulator from summeli. Superb... New experience...

  • sirrandy

i have been looking for a new phone and here i have seen Nokia C7, i want the style and the size. i just would to know if they are made in finland or in other european countries. All of my Nokia phones were made in European countries like Finland & Hungary. Please let me know if they produce this there. I really one that are made in China or Korea. thanks and hear from you then.

  • Bjay

Phone's great, had it for a week now and it runs sweetly with a 16GB microSD.

  • me

8 mpx camera nice

  • umesh

hi frnd... can somebody tell me..." how a application uninstallation perform in mokia c7...??????

  • ali

its nice but chines

  • Anonymous

wofo, 03 Aug 2011I want to buy new smart set ,but i`m very confused between (C7 ,... moreFor value for money, nothing beats the C7..the Ace's plus point over the C7 is its autofocus 5MP camera and the web browser. Plus the Ace is a good intro to Android (its only got a 800 MHZ processor, so cannot run flash and some android apps), but u'll notice that the C7 is much better at multimedia and videos even with its slower 680 MHZ processor.And C7 is better with gaming. Don't even consider the wildfire S if ur considering the Ace or C7.