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  • sahil

Does this phone supports HD & motion games ?
I wanna know its market value in the sense does it have any software problem & which one will be best to bye between Nokia E5 & Nokia C7

  • Anonymous

Which is better? Nokia C7 or the Samsung WaveII ?

  • Swa

I heard that in nokia C7 is hang when use multipal application on the same time,becouse of poor cpu speed E.g-680Mhz & high inbuild memory,plaese explane this

  • suvainn khan

guysss plss help me... i wanna sell NOKIA N900 for NOKIA C7...will it be worth??? ive been using it from last 7 bored with new themes , games and plsss helppp thanxxx :)

  • AnonD-1393

AnonD-7337, 29 Apr 2011Hey guyzz. does the ''Purple Tint issue'' still exist in dis phone?You don't have to ask the same question everywhere.
There are some N8, E7 and C7 phones with this issue.
I've already answered your question in E7's comments section and also written how to spot it.

  • AnonD-7337

Hey guyzz. does the ''Purple Tint issue'' still exist in dis phone?

  • Aky

I think that with autofocus will be just good :D and maybe plus Android OS xD

  • hunter

AnonD-7201, 28 Apr 2011I have a very old Nokia 5230 and it's really not a bad phone, qu... moredude thats a great mobile. currently im having this mobile and loved this. touch response is xtremly good even in browsing and texting. although there are not much application but daily use applications are already in mobile.

  • Anonymous

Rab, 29 Apr 2011does anyone know when will the update will be released?probly when nokia lounch the X7 & E6

  • Anonymous

john c7, 29 Apr 2011hey guys, any suggestions on how to get animated/live wallpapers... moreyeah, been craving to get 1 of those cool android live wallpaper, the only animated theme i see is what comes with the phone, lol

  • Peekay

I bought my C7 2 weeks ago. It does play videos bigger than 1 gb but without any audio output. i tried the headphone but the result is same. Interesting fact that the defalut video (The Ride) is playing well with full Video and Audio quality.
Can anyone tell if this problem of audio is with my handset only or is it with others too?
Can anyone please help with a solution for the problem.


  • Rab

does anyone know when will the update will be released?

  • john c7

AnonD-2572, 29 Apr 2011To get your songs visible in the albums and artists section you ... morehey guys, any suggestions on how to get animated/live wallpapers on our c7? Is it possible? TIA

  • AnonD-2572

why, 27 Apr 2011i also couldn't find one album in the artists and albums section... moreTo get your songs visible in the albums and artists section you need to have your metadata for all songs done first, check that the song's (if mp3, the ID tag) metadata is correct, else use mp3tag or something similar to do it(check my post on this a while earlier), then refresh music library. You can use that for album art as well.

  • AnonD-2572

why, 27 Apr 2011guys i have a problem when visiting facebook through the default... moreYou might have a problem with ur network or settings. I use FB with my default browser all the time, what I've done is create a bookmark to the FB login page, once I log in, I just click on the bookmark anytime I want to look at my page, as long as I dont clear my cache, it'll go straight to my wall every time I click on the bookmark without having to login each time.(cookies enabled). My browser settings are all default (javascript and cookies enabled)

  • AnonD-2572

AnonD-7201, 28 Apr 2011I have a very old Nokia 5230 and it's really not a bad phone, qu... moreThe C7 hasnt been laggy for me, and the capacitive touch screen is as good as any other capacitive touch screen out there (iphone included), and I can say that its haptic feedback (the vibe from the phone when it registers a touch) is better than most phones too.

  • AnonD-2572

Glen, 28 Apr 2011Hi Getngo Yes mate even i hav the same problem wherein the du... moreJust a note about this cos a lot of users seem to be complaining about dust under the screen..

If dust under the screen seems to be interfering with the display visibility then u'd have to take it to a qualified technician/NCC to prise off the screen and clean it. Don't fool around with it at bogus places, cos in a touchscreen the screen is well, everything. Unlike the old days with Nokia's Xpress On covers, todays phones are less DIY's.

The best thing to do would be to prevent dust under the screen in the first place, use a pouch or cover to carry it around rather than leave it exposed ( I use Nokia's CP-507 which, while staid, protects the phone all round including the screen) , and always use a screen protector and dont complain about the Gorilla glass somehow getting scratched lol.

  • AnonD-2572

AnonD-1393, 27 Apr 2011It'd be better to not use a white or bright theme or background ... moreYou're right about that. AMOLEDs, in contrast to LCDs, use less power if the display is all black as opposed to white or light. I've done some experiments between the two, and strangely find that my battery seems to last longer if I use a light theme with brightness set to minumum, vs a dark theme where I have to use brightness at 50% or more for screen clarity. Perhaps the difference I've found is cos of the lower brightness level. I dont however keep my homescreen on for long periods, I set my diplay to timeout in 20 secs and usually tend to lock the screen once Í'm done using the phone, and I dont use a screensaver as well, and set powersaving when I dont use the phone at night(usually between 0000H and 0600H). The Jet black theme seems to me to be clear enough to use with minimum brightness levels (although it is boring..just jet black lol)

For general use though, use of a dark theme/wallpaper (as dark as you can get/Black) with the brightness set at 50% or less and display time out to 15-20 secs or less with no screen saver might be optimum to save power. That and being around strong cell tower signals, phone vibrator off, frugal use of 3G and wifi if you really want to squeeze out the max of the batt LOL.

  • chakma

actually i am going to buy c7 very soon so cud you let me know about musics player, i heard that there is some problems that i can't open data when musics is on. cud you reply about this probs?

  • randhawa

nokia throw a bomb in markete few years ago in the form of 5800xpress music and now they throw an atombomb in the form of nokia c7 it is an awesome phone awesome phone awesome phone.... dear fellows just bought it and enjoy.lovely slim and smart phone with fullfilled everyone's desire.thnks to nokia.. i love c7nokia.