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  • Merlinds

I have the phone for a week now. and i haven´t experienced any problem. the device works like a charm and runs all the apps i install really smooth. The only problem is the autofocus, but i dont really take many close pictures.
im inloved with the phone!!!!.

  • AnonD-1225

[deleted post]thats just ur opinion..!

the wave 2 has better battery life.

wave 2 beats the c7 wen it comes to Screen resolution and size, but the AMOLED screen of the C7 looks better and it comes wit gorilla glass for protection.

wave 2's overall performance is better as it has a 1 GHz processor, but symbian^3 (though its behind android and ios) has more apps and games to offer compared to the bada os of samsung.

the 5mp cam on the wave 2 clicks better pics than the c7 coz of the auto focus, but the 8mp cam of the c7 can give u 3264x2448 pixels sensor count.

wave 2 has a better browser but c7 is capable of 10.2 Mbps 3g performance whereas da wave can only give u upto 3.6 Mbps.

wave 2 can give u a better sound output whereas c7's music player is even better than the iphone's player.

wave's SatNav system when it comes to navigation (GPS) is not free and doesnt compare to the life long free ovi maps of the c7.

and the c7 has 8gb internal memory compared to da 2gb storage of the wave 2.

plus the c7 has USB On-the-go support, fm transmitter and NFC support which is not seen on the wave 2.

now this is my opinion..!

  • Hak

hey guys. maverick nd others i wana know how to identify tht i hve puple screen probplem, i just bought c7 today. very excited about it but tht ****in purple screen problem is mkin me nuts, so plz tell me guys if my c7 is infectd, i don't see purple tint on clock or screen saver.....

  • AnonD-2816

hey guys please tell me.. how to change font style in nokia c7..please help me.. m waiting 4 ur inteligent advices...

  • Ric

Just the Nokia C7 today... I know Symbian is a time limited OS but still... so far no issues with battery or reboots, etc.., the main feature for me is the social network integration.

  • MOJO

c7 have 8mp camera...........guys........

  • AnonD-695

AnonD-1825, 18 Mar 2011 moregood to see that ur keeping up with nokia topics even when u hatevthem to ur heart's core.

i've seen an older video featuring the new browser also and can tell you its way slower than the one shown in the vid. so nokia is doing some improvements

bear in mind too that the browser isnt released yet so changes and improvements still can be made.

  • AnonD-2572

Lileanne, 18 Mar 2011Torn between choosing C7, Nokia E72 and Motorola Defy... Please... moreIts not so depends on what you want your phone to do besides making calls.. :)

  • AnonD-2572

AnonD-3360, 18 Mar 2011hey Maverick i also hv exactly same problem, do u think that pur... moreIn my opinion, the issue is related inherently to the AMOLED screen of the N8/C7 either cos of calibration/otherwise or to a display driver. Its difficult to say whether the issue will get worse, I've noticed about 2 months ago that my clock on the screensaver was this way, I really dont recall whether it was that way from the beginning, but what I do know is that there has been no deterioration since. I've also noticed that at higher brighter settings or if the screen is viewed in bright light (which activates the light sensor and pumps up screen brightness, the issue disappears. I'm ignoring it for the facts that are :
a) I havent seen the problem increasing,
b) Nokia have no official position on it,
c) No one seems to know if it is really an issue and if so, what the remedy is,
d) It hasnt affected my user experience on the phone.

I have noticed that if I set screen brightness to minimum and watch a movie in darkness, the dark areas of the screen seem blotchy and pixellated, its either unnoticeable or disappears if viewed in bright light or if the screen brightness is increased.

Since there is no real solution to it, my advice would be to ignore it if its not disturbing ur user experience (like viewing images/watching videos) and to contact Nokia Care if you find it unbearable. Not that I think they'd really be able to help :)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1782, 18 Mar 2011choose the one with almost the same specs with your e63? cheers.. C7 is better for u

  • Lileanne

Torn between choosing C7, Nokia E72 and Motorola Defy... Please suggest the best one among this...! Thankss!

  • AnonD-1825­eature=player_embedded New improved browser

Really?!?!? is this a joke? that was painful to watch.

What a hell are you doing Nokia!

  • AnonD-3360

AnonD-2572, 17 Mar 2011I dont think it was made to be like that but I think the reddish... morehey Maverick i also hv exactly same problem, do u think that purple tint will Spread all ovr screen day by day? cos i can see it only when screensaver appears. and by t way thnx 4 sharing ur xperience..

  • AnonD-1782

Vinay, 16 Mar 2011Hello Everyone, I need help from you guys... I am planning to... morechoose the one with almost the same specs with your e63?


  • Anonymous

please I want know if the purple screen problem appear only in screen sever or always

  • AnonD-2572

[deleted post]Just a comment on this link and app : The app can be useful if you know what ur doing and dangerous if you dont know what you're doing. I suggest you read the post thoroughly and then decide which mods you want. Its not an "app" in the true sense of the word, it basically writes changes to the configuration files, and so when you install it, install ONLY the mods you decide you want and not all. Installing N8 mods on the C7 will make ur device unstable (e.g the cam mod for n8 will crash your c7 camera), so be careful and read the description carefully before you install.

Another thing : If you dont have your default app manager working like me, think twice before you install this, cos it may be difficult to uninstall if you want to change anything. In my case for example, the app didnt show up in batch uninstaller, and when i tried to remove it from Netqin, it kept crashing and rebooting. And after you install it or uninstall it, make sure you REBOOT your phone. Good Luck, and thanks to koolestprashant for the link. Cheers.

  • AnonD-2572

AnonD-2816, 18 Mar 2011hi everyone.. i have problem.. whenever m tring to instal avatar... moreSbDevilmind already answered this particular query of yours. Its cos symbian requires ur apps to be "signed". You will find many apps that are "unsigned" .These have to be signed before you can install them to your device, and for that you will need a certificate and key unique to your IMEI. If you're familiar with older symbian phones then you know how to do it, if not visit this link :­-sign-symbian-s60v3-and.html

and here's how to get a certificate and key :­-request-zone.html

  • rick

AnonD-2572, 17 Mar 2011yes ebuddy is available..check out mobile9 and search for it..ebuddy is the best messenger! Also try snaptu, its great for viewing pics on facebook.

  • AnonD-2816

hi everyone.. i have problem.. whenever m tring to instal avatar, and some more games or applications my a msg get popd up by displaying "certificate error" please recomend a solution for this.... kisses////////

  • aj2010

AnonD-2572, 17 Mar 2011I dont think it was made to be like that but I think the reddish... morei've N8 the great and C7 the heaven!
no probs at all with screen or anything else both r beautiful and brilliant!