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  • Rab

lex, 07 Mar 2011hey guys i just downloaded pro evolution soccer 2011 for fr... moredid you get from ovi?

  • Anonymous

Hey guys which 1 better C7 or GALAXY SL?? Need honest replies.

  • AnonD-3171

AnonD-542, 06 Mar 2011I feel sorry for you, very very sorry for you. You have no ... moreu said let that mobile explode...i pick the another and that was same prb and nokia care take that bk they saw prb in both the set..and do u think that charger made by metal body? that was also heat up..tell me one thing after full charge why battery drain within 2 hrs..befor giving commnt here think friend...this is not ur own website..and i knw the diff btwn C7 and X6 and if i want x6 then i would have buy it earlier.i had to pick one instead of c7...
can we tell is waveII or galaxy Ace ( samsung)

  • lex

hey guys i just downloaded pro evolution soccer 2011 for free, i must admit it is the best soccer game ever produced for nokia. graphics is comparable to the iphone version.

  • ga

I bought an unit of C7 in Nov 2010 after having comparison with few other brands of similar value. Quite disappointed, as that within 3 months, I sent my phone back to Nokia service centre 3 time, cos my phone automatically went dead... unit cannot on/off. Can anyone advice whats wrong with it.. as this is my first time to have a new phone with this condition..service centre told me, its upgrading software issue which I am in can it be upgrading issue every month. Now I have to go without my phone again due to the same problem..sigh!

  • siju

Is any password application for this set?can tell any one please?

  • siju

AnonD-3102, 06 Mar 2011Maverick you are great! I decided to buy the c7 phone. An... moreI have hungry made set but it bought from Saudi......Nice Phone...

  • Herry

I love Nokia. I love Symbian. I love the N8. But this phone will be my last Nokia phone. As Nokia will be moving on to Windows Phone, so am I moving on to another brand for my next phone. I've been using and patronizing Nokia for 10 years now. But this will be the last time. I've had too much disappointment with Nokia for the past couple of years. Too many problems, too many disappointments, frustrations. I can't bear with them anymore. I'll be jumping to the Apple bandwagon after I've enjoyed my C7.

  • Anonymous

Which phone most suited to buy? Nokia N8 or C7 or Xperia 10 or something

  • AnonD-542

mukul, 06 Mar 2011convert using pc suite.NEVER convert using Pc suite. Its the worst converter in planet earth. I hate that converter because of all its features. It can't convert all formats. It can't convert videos to high quality instead ends up creating videos of much higher complexity. This means that the phone will use up more battery to play those videos. I can simply go on and on about its drawbacks. Just use 'Format Factory'. Its the only converter which is officially free. It supports everything. Just google search for the above mentioned name and then go to the official site to download. Cheers.....
Oh btw, if you want settings then just reply.

  • AnonD-542

Hey Maverick, a question about the USB OTG. Have you tried connecting it with any card reader. N8 can't detect card reader but E7 can. Reading the later E7 review of gsmarena of nokia E7, i found that not only can E7 detect memory in a card reader but also if you put in multiple cards in a single card reader then too they are detected. This means that using the USB OTG we can use a flash drive hub. I mean, multiple flash drives getting connected to a single USB terminal (which in this case is the phone's USB OTG port). Try it and give an update. Thanks.

  • AnonD-542

AnonD-2572, 06 Mar 2011I second that dude..its normal for the back cover to get sl... moreAbsolutely. And did you read him saying that the charger too gets hot during charging. Man.....thats Hilarious!!! If only he came here earlier and asked for you opinion, he would have cleared his misconception.
Anyways, if one gives a good thought to the heating thingy, he or she shall realise that its actually for the good of the phone's longivity. Reason is that the heat generating inside is atleast getting to ventilate. If it was contained inside then the processor might get harmed from its own heat. And the fact that C7 has a very powerful hardware capable of encoding and decoding HD content, this heating up thing turns out to be a necessity for the good of the phone. Even my symbian^1 phone when used to record videos of VGA resolution heats up if used for a long time.

  • Anonymous

xilisoft ulimate video converter .

  • Sudeep

Can anyone tell me how to watch youtube videos in full screen. Youtube pre installed in C7 is not coming in full screen. Pls suggest me wat to do.

  • adul

c7 is nice phone but only if its from korea bec carefull of china made it has less battry power, and make sure the software is 1.1

  • AnonD-2572

AnonD-542, 06 Mar 2011I feel sorry for you, very very sorry for you. You have no ... moreI second that dude..its normal for the back cover to get slightly warm while charging..mine has never got 'too hot to handle' lol..u'll find this happening on the C6-01 as well, or even on most normal phones..

  • mukul

Emerald, 04 Mar 2011Hi Guys, Can anyone of you recommend the best video conv... moreconvert using pc suite.

  • boki

how loud speakers are ?

  • Ash

Thanks maverick,i m feeling gud after u gave me this info.thanks friend.

  • AnonD-542

AnonD-3171, 06 Mar 2011i change my mobile that is nokia c7 bcz of over heating pro... moreI feel sorry for you, very very sorry for you. You have no idea what you did. Overheating in C7 isn't because of hardware issue. Its just that the metal battery cover of C7 has the tendency to gain heat from the user's hands. Its a basic scientific knowledge that metal has much higher heat conductivity that plastic. The mobile is heating up? So what. Just let it explode and nokia will give you a new one. At least you will know that your assumption was correct. I don't want to be rude but going back to symbian^1 is just a big mistake. I pity you........