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  • kiss

just got my c7 today, just have a question, why installing ovi store application taking so long? been installing it for an hour still not finish....

  • AnonD-3102

Dear Maverick and all other friends,
Check the 'N8' discussion board now.
There is a guy offering a solution to the reddish purple problem in c7&n8!!! check now...

  • AnonD-2572

Eng.AKA, 07 Mar 2011How do i set the remote wipe on my C7 ???Oops, I meant remote lock which you can find in settings under phone management and security settings..though my C7 came with F-secure anti-theft installed which has remote location and remote wipe enabled..not sure if that is default in all regions though..if you have F secure on ur phone you should have the anti-theft also contains an anti virus and firewall but that requires you to buy the license for the components.

Which brings me to another issue..does anyone have any experience with virus/anti virus on the symbian 1 and 3 phones? I've come across viruses like Cabir on my old 6630 but never on my N82..anyone experience any viruses on symbian 1 phones?

  • AMiT

what a phone made by nokia
i just love it
i m gonna buy this device within 2 days!!!!

  • NoKiA_lovr

Im confused between Nokia C7 or Iphone 3gs or Motorola DEFY ??? any suggestions

  • c.unnikrishnan

ga, 07 Mar 2011I bought an unit of C7 in Nov 2010 after having comparison with ... moreif u any problem nokia dont very and hanging problem,first go
to settings and go to factory settings click then 12345 and ok click few seconds phone restart,ok your problem solve your friend unnikrishnan

  • Rajiv

Anonymous, 07 Mar 2011Hey guys which 1 better C7 or GALAXY SL?? Need honest replies. Buddy dont think...... C7 rocks... with 8MP camera and the samsung phones doesnt have the OVI facilities... its only with NOkia handsets... best to go with Nokia and that too with C7......

  • Rajiv

siju, 07 Mar 2011Is any password application for this set?can tell any one please?Hi Siju,

1.Go to settings
2. select option phone
3. select Phone Management
4. Select Security Settings.
5. Go to Phone and SIM card
6. Click on phone autolock period select that period then they will ask for lock code option.

do the needful and njoy the passcode locking...

  • tin

Rajiv, 07 Mar 2011Yes ofcourse you can do the conference call.... just dial number... morethanks rajiv, im gonna try that again. a while a ago when i was doing it im not seeing any "make a new call option" or something related to that.

  • Rajiv

tin, 07 Mar 2011Hi all, i just got a nokia c7. Is it capable of conferencing cal... moreYes ofcourse you can do the conference call.... just dial number as soon as the call is answered put the person on hold and dial other desired number and call that number too, then on your home screen u can see the option of conference call, click on the same. Then njoy the conference call....

  • Rajiv

Its great experience with nokia C7, it has got the fantabulous look and gread touch screen mobile experience. looks and all other features are uncomparable as on date for me from the phones that i have used as on date.

  • tin

Hi all, i just got a nokia c7. Is it capable of conferencing calls? i was trying to do a conference call (which I'm able to do wit my old N2700 phone) but I cant seem to find the right option.


  • Eng.AKA

AnonD-2572, 07 Mar 2011Two things you can do for "passwording" your phone tha... moreHow do i set the remote wipe on my C7 ???

  • AnonD-2572

AnonD-3171, 07 Mar 2011u said let that mobile explode...i pick the another and that was... moreHi, Your phone must have had an issue or some app running in the background sucking up power and causing it to heat..I havent faced that problem when multitasking or watching videos or web browsing which are all high cpu users,although it is normal for the phone to get slightly warm during charging. I love my N900 on cold winter days when I'm doing some experimenting with it cos it warms my hands up well. ;)

Anyway, if Ace or the Wave II are your options, I'd take the Wave II..the Ace is an android on crutches.

  • Chazy

lex, 07 Mar 2011hey guys i just downloaded pro evolution soccer 2011 for free, i... morewhere dd u ddownload it from please?

  • AnonD-2572

siju, 07 Mar 2011Is any password application for this set?can tell any one please?Two things you can do for "passwording" your phone thats built in : one is the lock code that you can set which is by default 12345, look for that in security settings, and two, you can password protect your memory doing this you can still read all the contents on your phone, but if you remove it and put it in a card reader on ur pc or into another phone, it will prompt for password.

Those are the default options..there are dozens of other security software depending on what you want to protect like : Advanced device locks, Smartguard, Best Crypto, Best Safe, Handy Safe and Best private conversations, just to name a few. Have a look at them (google them), most of those are paid however but they are useful and very customizable.

Oh and if you're really paranoid about losing your phone and someone looking at your private stuff, set remote wipe on in your phone, where you can wipe out all info on the phone with a remote sms. That way the thief loses all info on the phone and so do you. :)

  • AnonD-2572

Herry, 07 Mar 2011I love Nokia. I love Symbian. I love the N8. But this phone will... moreI'm inclined to agree with you. I think the C7,N8,C6-01 and symbian^3 are the last great things out of Nokia,and the C7, which I do like may be my last Nokia phone. Admittedly, even though I mainly bought it for its free sat nav and will probably use it to replace my wife's phone after a few months, I am quite fond of it. I'll be keeping a watch on Nokia's moves over the next year or so, but I fear that unless they have something major to pull out of the bag, the C7 may be the last Nokia I've had the pleasure of owning (and I've had a few), but I probably will be jumping on the android bandwagon once I've had a look at Icecream :)

  • AnonD-2572

AnonD-542, 07 Mar 2011Hey Maverick, a question about the USB OTG. Have you tried conne... moreI've tried that but unfortunately didnt work for me on the C7. I assumed its cos of not enough power being supplied to the reader although I'm not sure why. I had a mini imation USB to microSD reader which I seem to have lost but I'm hoping atleast that will work if i can find it.Will keep you updated on that. I can confirm that it works with my N82 when both phones are powered on..the memory card of the N82 showed up on the C7 and the N82 popped up a msg about connectivity which i selected mass storage to and there it was. :)

  • Rab

lex, 07 Mar 2011hey guys i just downloaded pro evolution soccer 2011 for free, i... moredid you get from ovi?

  • Anonymous

Hey guys which 1 better C7 or GALAXY SL?? Need honest replies.